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Name: Kermit the Frog
Voice: Jim Henson
Interests: Playing the banjo
Talents: Directing the show

Name: Miss Piggy
Voice: Richard Hunt (1), Frank Oz (1-5)
Interests: Kermit
Talents: Being a star

Name: Fozzie Bear
Voice: Frank Oz
Interests: Telling jokes
Talents: Dodging tomatoes

Name: Gonzo the Great (aka The Great Gonzo)
Voice: Dave Goelz
Interests: Doing stunts
Talents: Messing up stunts

Name: Scooter
Voice: Richard Hunt
Interests: Very Special Guest Stars
Talents: Going for stuff

Name: Rowlf
Voice: Jim Henson (assist. Jerry Nelson)
Interests: Punning; fetching
Talents: Piano playing

Name: Statler & Waldorf
Voice: Richard Hunt & Jim Henson
Interests: Being cantankerous
Talents: Heckling

Name: The Swedish Chef
Voice: Jim Henson (assist. Frank Oz)
Interests: Cooking
Talents: Making a mess

Name: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Voice: Dave Goelz
Interests: Looking through microscopes
Talents: Experimenting on Beaker

Name: Beaker
Voice: Richard Hunt
Interests: Staying alive
Talents: Scientific assistant; Victim

Name: Robin the Frog
Voice: Jerry Nelson
Interests: Singing
Talents: Frog Scouting

Name: Sam the Eagle
Voice: Frank Oz
Interests: Patriotism
Talents: Being appalled at what everyone else is doing

Name: Animal
Voice: Frank Oz
Interests: Women, Food
Talents: Playing drums

Name: Dr. Teeth
Voice: Jim Henson
Interests: Being cool
Talents: Playing the piano

Name: Zoot
Voice: Dave Goelz
Interests: Making very small talk
Talents: Playing saxophone

Name: Clifford
Interests: Philosophizing
Talents: Making music

Name: Sgt. Floyd Pepper
Voice: Jerry Nelson
Interests: Taking care of business
Talents: Playing bass

Name: Janice
Voice: Eren Ozker (1), Richard Hunt (2-5)
Interests: Peace, love and, like, granola, totally
Talents: Playing guitar

Name: Dr. Julius T. Strangepork
Voice: Jerry Nelson
Interests: Pigs In Space
Talents: Smart Guy aboard the Swinetrek

Name: Link Hogthrob
Voice: Jim Henson
Interests: Admiring his reflection
Talents: Captaining the Swinetrek, Going into a total panic when anything goes wrong

Name: Sweetums
Voice: Richard Hunt
Interests: Looking out for Robin the Frog
Talents: Really big dance steps

Name: Rizzo the Rat
Voice: Steve Whitmire
Interests: Food
Talents: Eating

Name: Bean Bunny
Interests: Being irresistably cute
Talents: Teaching cuteness seminars

Name: Johnny Fiamma & Sal
Interests: Anything Italian
Talents: The World's Greatest Singer and his monkey bodyguard

Name: Bobo The Bear
Interests: Ordering take-out, Eating
Talents: Watching TV

Name: Seymour & Pepe
Interests: Breaking into show business
Talents: Singing, Dancing, Catering

Name: Andy & Randy Pig
Interests: "What's a Interests?"
Talents: Miss Piggy's nephews

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