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Yes Minister


Name: Rt Hon James "Jim" Hacker MP
Actor: Paul Eddington

The Minister for Administrative Affairs finds the corridors of power congested by the machinations of his Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey and his Civil Service cohorts.

Name: Sir Humphrey Appleby
Actor: Nigel Hawthorne

Permanent Secretary to Jim Hacker. A Civil Servant through and through. Often in conflict with the Minister, looking out for the Civil Service first and foremost - using a tyranny of bureaucracy as his weapon of choice.

Name: Bernard Woolley
Actor: Derek Fowlds

Principal Private Sectretary to Jim Hacker. As a Civil Servant, Bernard's loyalties are often tested as Jim's Private Secretary - often getting him caught in the middle between Jim and Humphrey.

Name: Sir Arnold Robinson
Actor: John Nettleton

Cabinet Secretary. Often steers Humphrey in the right direction, or puts him in his place when Jim starts to get the upper hand.

Name: Annie Hacker
Actor: Diana Hoddinott

Jim's long suffering wife.

Name: Frank Weisel (1)
Actor: Neil Fitzwiliam

Jim Hacker's political adviser (spin doctor). Often referred to as "Weasel" by Humphrey.

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