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Name: James "Jim" Scott Rockford
Actor: James Garner

An ex-con, who had previously been sentanced to 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Newly released, he set up his own agency, The Rockford Private Detective Agency which runs out of his home, a trailer, located in Malibu Beach, California.

Name: Joseph "Rocky" Rockford
Actor: Noah Beery Jr.

Jim's father, a trucker, who helped him out on occasions.

Name: Evelyn "Angel" Martin
Actor: Stuart Margolin

A useful, if sometimes unwilling source of information.

Name: Sgt. Dennis Becker
Actor: Joe Santos

Detective with the LAPD, who was constantly being dragged in on Rockford's cases, much to his dismay.

Name: Elizabeth "Beth" Davenport (1-4)
Actor: Gretchen Corbett

Jim's girlfriend and attorney who often helped him get out of messes.

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