The Dukes of Hazzard
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The Dukes of Hazzard


Name: Beaureguard "Bo" Duke (1-4, 6-7)
Actor: John Schneider

CB Handle: Lost Sheep #2. An ex-stockcar test-driver. Almost always drove the General Lee. He was the one who always yelled "YeeHaa!"

Name: Lucas K. "Luke" Duke (1-4, 6-7)
Actor: Tom Wopat

CB Handle: Lost Sheep #1. Luke was an Ex-Marine. Always cool and collected, Luke got the boys out of more trouble than he got them into. He was the one who slid across the hood of the General Lee.

Name: Daisy Duke
Actor: Catherine Bach

CB Handle: Little Bo Peep / Country Cousin. Daisy worked for Boss Hogg, at a bar/restaurant called The Boar's Nest. Revolutionized the fashion industry with those "Daisy Dukes" (cut off Jeans) she always wore.

Name: Jesse "Uncle Jesse" Duke
Actor: Denver Pyle

CB Handle: Shepherd. The uncle of Bo and Luke. Jesse Duke and Boss Hogg knew each other from "the good ol' days", when they used to make booze together.

Name: Jefferson Davis Hogg "Boss Hogg"
Actor: Sorrell Booke

Boss was the meanest man in Hazzard County. Would spend his time eating, whilst thinking of ways to steal money and pin it on the dukes.

Name: Rosco P. Coltrane
Actor: James Best

Rosco was the sheriff of Hazzard County. He was the world's worst driver, but kept his job because Boss Hogg's wife was his sister.

Name: Enos Straitt (1-2, 5-7)
Actor: Sonny Shroyer

Deputy who took orders from Boss Hogg and Rosco. Fancied Daisy.

Name: Cooter Davenport
Actor: Ben Jones

CB Handle: Sheepdog / Crazy Cooter. Town mechanic. Could fix anything, but always took 3 or 4 days.

Name: Flash

Rosco's useless gaurd dog.

Name: Lu Lu
Actor: Peggy Rhea

Boss Hogg's wife. Rosco's sister. Lulu wasn't afraid to stand up to Boss Hogg.

Name: Sheriff Ed Little of Chickasaw County
Actor: Don Pedro Coley

Sheriff of the neighboring county. Used to hang out at the Hazzard/Chickasaw border, waiting for Rosco to chase Bo and Luke his way.

Name: The Balladeer
Actor: Waylon Jennings

The man who kept you up to date with what was going on.

Name: Cletus Hogg (3-5)
Actor: Rick Hurst

Deputy when Enos left. Cletus was Boss Hogg's third cousin twice-removed (or something).

Name: Coy Duke (5)
Actor: Byron Cherry

Replaced Bo when he left.

Name: Vance Duke (5)
Actor: Christopher Mayer

Replaced Luke when he left.

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