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The Dukes of Hazzard

Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. One Armed Bandits
    The three Duke cousins root out evil in backwater Hazzard County in this series, which opens with the trio on the trail of a sheriff who is smuggling illegal slot machines into the area. Waylon Jennings wrote and performs the music, and punctuates the action with his off-screen homilies.
  2. Daisy's Song
    Bo and Luke have suspicions about a music-publishing business that is bilking would-be composer Daisy. What they don't suspect is that Boss Hogg is in on the racket, or that the FBI is watching the entire operation.
  3. Mary Kaye's Baby
    A borrowed car carrying moonshine and a pregnant hitchhiker carrying hot money add up to a wild and woolly car chase for Bo and Luke.
  4. Repo Men
    Bo and Luke are duped into taking part in a car-repossession scheme that involves them with ruthless counterfeiters and could send them back to prison for violating parole.
  5. High Octane
    A contest for a workable fossil-fuel substitute offers the Dukes a big cash prize and a patriotic excuse to resurrect the old still that produced high-octane corn liquor for years. Almost as tempting is the beautiful revenue agent who interrupts their work.
  6. Swamp Molly
    Uncle Jesse yields to the coaxing of Swamp Molly, an old moonshining colleague who was - and still is - sweet on him. Molly (Neva Patterson) wants to make "one last run," with a friendly assist from the Dukes.
  7. Luke's Love Story
    Entrants in a notoriously dirty stock-car race include a beautiful driver, a smitten Luke, a murderous rival and Boss Hogg - who put his mama's ashes in last year's trophy, thinking it was to keep.
  8. The Big Heist
    An unlucky thief has his car towed away while he's robbing Boss Hogg, so he stashes the loot in Daisy's pickup and makes a getaway in the Dukes' family car.
  9. Limo One is Missing
    Secret Service agents driving the Presidential limousine through the county stop just long enough for car-crazy Cooter to hot-wire it and take off.
  10. Deputy Dukes
    Boss Hogg deputizes the Dukes to escort a prisoner to Hazzard for trial, fully aware that the suspect's pals would stop at nothing to turn him loose.
  11. Route 7-11
    Bo and Luke sign up to test-drive an 18-wheeler, unaware that their trailer is a mobile gambling casino.
  12. Money to Burn
    Banker Hogg makes the Dukes the fall guys in a scheme to pocket $1,000,000 in ragged bills earmarked for burning at a Federal Reserve Bank.
  13. Double Sting
    It's Daisy who gives chase to bank robbers (Arte Johnson, Avery Schreiber) dressed like Laurel and Hardy, since a plague scare has her menfolk - and the lawmen - quarantined in jail.

Series 2

  1. Days of Shine and Roses
    A second season rolls in on a wave of nostalgia as old moonshiners Jesse and Hogg agree to an illegal race to determine the best ridgerunner around. A race with Hogg, however, is not necessarily won by the swift.
  2. Uncle Boss
    Boss Hogg's college-educated nephew upholds family tradition with a series of outrageous schemes to get Luke and Bo Duke out of his uncle's hair.
  3. The Rustlers
    Mel Tillis plays Burl Tolliver in this horse opera dealing with the Mrs. J.D. Hogg Stake Race and Hogg's scheme to steal a stallion.
  4. The Meeting
    Syndicate kingpins choose Hazzard County as the site for a powwow. Their conference center: Rosco's jail, rented out by Boss Hogg for $10,000.
  5. Road Pirates
    Boss Hogg is slickered by a thief who sells him $10,000 worth of stolen TV sets, then steals them back - leaving the Dukes the prime suspects.
  6. The Ghost of General Lee
    Boss Hogg's scheme to take advantage of the Dukes' reported drowning comes back to haunt him.
  7. The Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough
    National champion stock-car racer Cale Yarborough plays himself in an episode bringing Luke and Bo face-to-face with their racing idol. Yarborough is testing a secret new turbocharger Boss Hogg is scheming to steal.
  8. The Hazzard Connection
    Bo and Luke join a demolition derby that's fronting for the smuggling racket they're suspected of operating.
  9. Witness for the Persecution
    The Dukes shelter Government witness Boss Hogg, who's sought by hit men bent on preventing his testimony.
  10. Granny Annie
    The race is on for Granny Annie's engraving plates when the eccentric local artist proves to be the source of some funny money. The Oak Ridge Boys make a cameo appearance.
  11. People's Choice
    The Dukes' frantic drive to get gorgeous T.C. Rogers (Pat Klous) elected supervisory administrator has its practical side: she'd automatically become their probation officer.
  12. Gold Fever
    Boss Hogg is conned into a scheme involving $3 million in fake gold bullion.
  13. Duke of Duke
    The Dukes' English cousin Gaylord (Simon McCorkindale), a stranger to the Hazzard County clan, arrives to claim his property rights - and Daisy's heart to boot.
  14. The Runaway
    An eloping heiress stows away in the Dukes' car after escaping from two bodyguards who were taking her back to her irate tycoon daddy (Robert Alda) - with the help of reward-hungry Boss Hogg.
  15. Arrest Jesse Duke
    As acting sheriff, Boss Hogg's nephew Hughie (Jeff Altman) arrests Jesse Duke for stripping cars.
  16. Treasure of Hazzard
    A pretty history professor enlists the Dukes' help in locating a buried Civil War strongbox that may contain a regimental payroll. Clifton James joins the series as Sheriff Lester Crabbe.
  17. Officer Daisy Duke
    No sooner does Daisy become a sheriff's deputy than she's chasing after two critters with a big reward on their heads that Boss Hogg wants.
  18. Find Loretta Lynn
    Loretta Lynn detours through Hazzard County, where she is promptly kidnapped by three dimwits demanding $1136.15 ransom. Loretta sings "Y'all Come."
  19. Jude Emery
    A Texas Ranger gets more help than he bargained for when he enlists Bo and Luke in flushing a varmint out of a swamp.
  20. Return of the Ridge Raiders
    The Ridge Raiders, a bunch of old moonshiners, reunite after 40 years to stop Boss Hogg from diverting funds from a senior-citizens center to build a girlie joint.
  21. Mason Dixon's Girls
    A private detective and two beautiful associates are among the assorted characters from both sides of the law who are in hot pursuit of a crate of marijuana the Dukes received by mistake.
  22. R.I.P. Henry Flatt
    Hogg's plan to plow up a cemetery rattles a con man (Hal Smith) who is supposed to be dead and buried there.
  23. Southern Comfurts
    Jesse's newly rich cousins lose a suitcase containing their $250,000 windfall.
  24. Follow that Still
    An old moonshiner builds a still on the Duke farm, inside an armored personnel carrier that was stolen from Boss Hogg.
  25. Carnival of Thrills I
    Bo and Luke come to blows when Bo decides to oblige a beautiful carnival owner by jumping the General Lee over 32 cars, and Luke determines to stop him.
  26. Carnival of Thrills II
    Bo and Luke come to blows when Bo decides to oblige a beautiful carnival owner by jumping the General Lee over 32 cars, and Luke determines to stop him.

Series 3

  1. Enos - Strate to the Top
    When Daisy is kidnapped after taking a snapshot of two bank robbers, Enos unwittingly develops into a hero, and is catapulted into headlines and the big-city police job he has wanted for years.
  2. And in this Corner Luke Duke
    Luke is goaded into a boxing match by crooked promoters who don't realize that the reluctant contender is an ex-Marine boxing champ. Former Golden Gloves champion Sonny Shields appears as Catfish in this third-season premiere.
  3. The Late J.D. Hogg
    News that he's about to meet his Maker galvanizes Boss Hogg into atoning for a lifetime of meanness by cramming his last weeks with good works.
  4. Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane
    Everyone in Hazzard is invited to Sheriff Rosco's wedding - except the Dukes, which makes them the suspects in the bank robbery that Boss Hogg has arranged to take place during the nuptials.
  5. Baa Baa White Sheep
    Boss Hogg isn't exactly thrilled to see his long-lost twin, Abraham Lincoln Hogg. And no wonder: he's rich, and as nice as his brother is mean, but Boss had him declared dead years before and is about to acquire Abe's share of an inheritance.
  6. The Hazzardville Horror
    Gathered at a haunted house: pretty Mary Lou Pringle, who's preparing to sell it; two thieves who stole Boss Hogg's silver; Bo and Luke, who are searching for the loot; Daisy, who's worried about Mary Lou; and, of course, the horror that lurks within.
  7. The Great Santa Clause Chase
    Boss Hogg reaps more than he bargained for when he hijacks the Dukes' truckload of Christmas trees - including a bumper crop of Santa Clauses.
  8. Good Neighbors, Duke
    The Dukes' new neighbors are actually incognito Government witnesses in a kidnap case, hiding from bounty hunters who think they know the location of the missing $2 million ransom. In a cameo, Hoyt Axton sings "Speed Trap."
  9. The Legacy
    A spunky old flame of Uncle Jesse's rides into Hazzard intent on collecting an old debt from Boss Hogg and finding the legacy left by her late husband, a moonshiner.
  10. Duke Vs. Duke
    Every car in Hogg's annual race could end up in his garage thanks to the small print on the entry form; the Dukes find themselves racing each other - Bo in the General Lee, Luke in Cooter's car; and Rosco has the rigged winner.
  11. My Son, Bo Hogg
    A chase ends in an accident that leaves Bo with amnesia and Boss Hogg with the perfect patsy to transport his corn liquor to the next county.
  12. To Catch a Duke
    Sheriff Rosco loses his badge for abetting the Dukes in a jewel robbery after Boss finds the loot in Rosco's car, courtesy of his trusty canine deputy, Flash.
  13. Along Came a Duke
    Boss uses the Stonewall Jackson Day exhibit at his bank as an opportunity to steal the general's historic sword and frame the Dukes for it.
  14. State of the County
    A smitten Daisy is unaware that the handsome stranger she gave a lift to is actually the henchman of a neighboring boss who's trying to muscle in on Boss Hogg's territory.
  15. The Return of Hughie Hogg
    Boss Hogg invites nephew Hughie (Jeff Altman) to take another lowdown crack at the Dukes, but it is Boss himself who suffers from his protege's well-schooled talent for mischief.
  16. The Canterbury Crock
    The Dukes pay $10 at a garage sale for a piece of crockery that passes from hand to hand before anyone realizes it's worth a fortune - anyone, that is, except an eager collector and Boss Hogg.
  17. The Great Hazzard Hijack
    Bo and Luke find 50 dollar bills floating down the river, money which turns out to be part of an armored car robbery that happened 5 years earlier. Roy Orbison sings "Pretty Woman".
  18. Bye Bye Boss
    Bo and Luke try to rescue Boss Hogg from escaped convicts who are holding him for ransom, while Sheriff Rosco is hot on the trail of the Dukes for a robbery committed by the kidnappers. Freddie Fender sings "Jambalaya."
  19. The Hack of Hazzard
    As temporary drivers of Hazzard's only taxi, Bo and Luke unwittingly pick up two fugitives who stash their loot under the back seat.
  20. By-Line Daisy Duke
    Daisy moonlights as a reporter for the local newspaper while Bo and Luke try to solve a series of tractor thefts.

Series 4

  1. Mrs. Daisy Hogg
    The feud between the Dukes and the Hoggs intensifies when Daisy and Hogg's nephew Jamie Lee (Jonathan Frake) fall in love.
  2. Double Dukes
    Hogg masterminds the robbery of an armored truck, using two crooks disguised as Bo and Luke and driving a replica of the General Lee.
  3. Diamonds in the Rough
    Bo and Luke soon learn that diamonds from heaven are more trouble than pennies when a fortune in stolen gems falls into their hands from a hijacked plane.
  4. Coltrane Vs. Duke
    Rosco brings a personal-injury suit against the Dukes that could force them to sell their farm - to Hogg.
  5. The Fugitive
    A motorcycle race affords Hogg the chance to set up a stolen-bike racket until a transient (Laurette Spang) discovers his scheme. Johnny Paycheck sings "Take this Job and Shove It."
  6. The Great Bank Robbery
    Bo and Luke pull a reverse bank job to replace the money taken by Jesse's crony (Bill Erwin) when Hogg fired him.
  7. Sadie Hogg Day
    On Sadie Hogg Day - when the ladies run Hazzard County - Hogg installs Daisy as treasurer to frame her for embezzlement.
  8. $10 Million Dollar Sheriff I
    Rosco inherits a fortune and goes hog wild - challenging Hogg to a poker showdown that results in Hogg becoming Rosco's deputy.
  9. $10 Million Dollar Sheriff II
    Rosco inherits a fortune and goes hog wild - challenging Hogg to a poker showdown that results in Hogg becoming Rosco's deputy.
  10. Trouble at Cooter's
    A vengeful thief breaks into Cooter's garage to reach a storage room containing stolen furs hidden by the varmint who cheated the crook out of his cut.
  11. Goodbye, General Lee
    Hogg has a hospitalized Luke hypnotized as the first step in his plan to win a big auto race.
  12. Cletus Falls in Love
    Daisy must tell an adoring Cletus that she only wooed him to help Bo and Luke escape from Hogg's latest frame-up.
  13. Hughie Hogg Strikes Again
    Hogg and Hughie scheme to foreclose on Cooter's garage, which stands on the proposed site of a "Hoggominium." Buck Owens sings "I've Got a Tiger by the Tail."
  14. Dukescam Scam
    Jesse risks the Duke farm to help Boss Hogg out of a fix, not realizing that Hogg is fixing to cheat him out of the property.
  15. The Sound of Music - Hazzard Style
    Mickey Gilley does a charity concert that is secretly taped by Hogg's henchmen, who commandeer the General Lee to elude capture by FBI agents. Mickey sings "The Object of My Affections" and "Don't the Girls get Prettier?"
  16. Shine on Hazzard Moon
    Boss jails Bo and Luke on trumped-up charges to force Uncle Jesse to reveal his secret moonshine recipe.
  17. Pin the Tail on the Dukes
    Jesse's old moonshining friend Hector (Henry Jones) is just back from prison and champing at the bit for revenge on Boss Hogg for stealing his land.
  18. Miz Tisdale on the Lam
    Miz Tisdale the postmistress (Nedra Volz) is framed for Hogg's mail fraud but she's happy to go on the lam at the Dukes' to be near her beloved Jesse.
  19. Nothin' but the Truth
    Hogg frames the Dukes to divert state investigators from his gambling casino, but after an accidental injection of truth serum, he can't keep his mouth shut.
  20. Dear Diary
    Hogg's dirty dealings are documented in Rosco's diary, which is discovered by the Dukes, then stolen by a duo who'd been double-crossed by Hogg.
  21. New Deputy in Town
    A deputy (Tracy Scoggins) on prisoner-escort duty displays a greed that warms Hogg's larcenous heart.
  22. Birds Gotta Fly
    A retired NASCAR driver (Andra Akers) hires Daisy to race for her, but neglects to tell the Dukes that she's hocked her car to Hogg.
  23. Bad Day in Hazzard
    Jesse and Hogg put aside their differences to hatch a plan of escape from the armed robbers who have taken over the Boars Nest.
  24. Miss Tri-Counties
    Daisy seems a sure bet to win the Miss Tri-Counties Beauty and Talent Contest, until a neighboring boss (Joe Higgins) bribes Hogg to see that she doesn't.
  25. Share and Share Alike
    Lulu Hogg (Peggy Rea) and Daisy unite to fight for HERS (Hazzard's Equal Rights Society) amid the hubbub over a fortune in stolen credit cards found by the Dukes.
  26. Dukes in Danger
    The Dukes are taken prisoner at the farm by two escaped convicts shortly before Hogg and Rosco stumble onto the scene, aiming to foreclose on Jesse.
  27. The Law and Jesse Duke
    When Rosco and Cletus go on strike, Hogg goes on a crime spree, which he blames on Bo and Luke.

Series 5

  1. The New Dukes
    As the Dukes' fifth season begins, cousins Coy and Vance (Byron Cherry, Christopher Mayer) join the fold and Deputy Enos Strate returns to Hazzard after a stint in the big city. With Bo and Luke off racing on the NASCAR circuit, Boss gleefully unveils a James Bondian vehicle and a bizarre robbery scheme, unaware he'll have to contend with a new pair of Dukes.
  2. Dukes Strike it Rich
    When Hogg sells a worthless piece of land to a newlywed couple, the Dukes turn the tables on him by sowing the ground with a few strategically placed gold nuggets.
  3. Lawman of the Year
    Rosco becomes Mr. Nice Guy in a bid for Lawman of the Year, leaving Coy and Vance with their hands full trying to thwart a jewelry-store robbery masterminded by Hogg.
  4. Coy Meets Girl
    The Dukes' truck gets hijacked, along with its cargo: a friend's priceless antiques - and a runaway teen-ager who went unnoticed by Coy and Vance.
  5. The Hazzardgate Tape
    The Dukes have to save Hogg's hide from the vengeance of three other county bosses when he refuses to share the bonanza he reaped through hijacking, stolen cars and bootlegging made possible by a new state highway that bypassed their counties.
  6. Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Hogg (Les Tremayne) puts his son on his most-wanted list until the General Lee is commandeered as a getaway car for a robbery by Big Daddy's chauffeur.
  7. Vance's Lady
    Vance's former flame is being followed by a crooked senator's aides who'll kill to keep her from talking to a crime commission about the pol's embezzling.
  8. Hazzard Hustle
    Boss Hogg opens a horse betting parlor and fixes it so he gets the money and the Dukes get the blame.
  9. Enos in Trouble
    By the time Enos learns of the stolen emeralds in his footlocker, the thieves who stashed them are trying to retrieve the gems - and so is Boss Hogg, who needs funding for his fricasseed pig's feet fast-food chain.
  10. The Great Insurance Fraud
    The Dukes are caught up in a con artist's scheme to cash in on a bogus insurance policy he bought from Boss; the con man's car, rigged for a dive into Bottomless Lake, is side-swiped by the General Lee.
  11. A Little Game of Pool
    With the annual pool championship at hand, Boss talks Jesse into wagering the General Lee in a warm-up match Jesse can't possibly win.
  12. The Treasure of Soggy Marsh
    Boss gladly provides diving gear to an ex-con who's armed with a map of Soggy Marsh showing the location of $500,000 in negotiable bonds.
  13. The Revenge of Hughie Hogg
    Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) blackmails his uncle into switching his election support from Rosco to Hughie.
  14. The Return of the Mean Green Machine
    Boss resurrects his Mean Green Machine to heist a gold collection, but the crook who built the armored vehicle steals it back - and holds Cooter as insurance.
  15. Ding, Dong, the Boss is Dead
    Boss Hogg has to play dead in order to escape a pair of hired killers sent to Hazzard by a former associate.
  16. Coy Vs. Vance
    A pair of motorcycle stuntwomen who double as highway robbers may be headed for a fall when one of them falls for Coy.
  17. Comrade Duke
    A defector from a Russian gymnastics team seeks refuge from her pursuers with Coy and Vance.
  18. Witness: Jesse Duke
    An injured Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle) is given unlikely refuge in Hogg's house after witnessing a robbery by two men who are now trying to silence him. Meanwhile, his uneasy host is trying to complete a crooked deal.
  19. Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke
    Bo and Luke roar into Hazzard from a triumphant tour on the NASCAR circuit, and not a moment too soon: Cooter faces eviction from his garage by Boss Hogg.
  20. Big Brothers, Duke
    As members of a big-brothers organization for underprivileged kids, Bo and Luke take an orphan boy under the wing whose first act of gratitude is to embark on his own private crime wave.
  21. Farewell, Hazzard
    The Dukes try to save Hazzard from destruction when Boss Hogg joins forces with an unscrupulous speculator to buy up the county to use it for mining.
  22. Daisy's Shotgun Wedding
    Tired of her family's overprotectiveness, Daisy moves in with a friend - and is promptly kidnapped for a shotgun wedding with one of the Beaudry clan.

Series 6

  1. Lulu's Gone Away
    The Dukes roar into a sixth season in pursuit of Lulu Hogg's kidnappers, while a frightened Boss begins to realize how much he truly loves his "Little Kumquat".
  2. A Baby for the Dukes
    A young widow hides her baby in the General Lee to keep the infant from it's paternal grandfather, who gained legal custody by having her declared an unfit mother. The widow is played by Janeen Best, daughter of James Best.
  3. Too Many Roscos
    An abducted Sheriff Rosco is replaced by a dead ringer (James Best in a dual role) as part of a plot to heist an armored-car shipment.
  4. Brotherly Love
    A young man appears with proof that he's Luke's brother Jud (Randy Hamilton), an ex-boxer hunted by gamblers who wanted him to take a dive.
  5. The Boar's Nest Bears
    Bo and Luke are forced to coach Hogg's peewee basketball team and ordered to win, but their secret weapon - a high-scoring farm boy - has attracted the attention of ruthless gamblers.
  6. Boss Behind Bars
    The Dukes go after the Beaudry clan, who framed Boss and had him thrown in his own slammer for sabotaging Jesse's car in the old-timers' race.
  7. A Boy's Best Friend
    Dognappers mistakenly snatch Rosco's hound Flash thinking he's the valuable basset hound they were holding for ransom until it escaped.
  8. Targets: Daisy and Lulu
    Unaware of an airport luggage mix-up, Lulu and Daisy head home with a case containing a stolen necklace - and the thieves in hot pursuit.
  9. Twin Trouble
    Bo and Luke are taken in by identical twins who find it easy to establish alibis for jewel thefts - while one pulls the heist, the other is conspicuously present elsewhere. Meanwhile, Boss brakes the wheels of justice by switching from patrol cars to three-wheelers.
  10. Enos's Last Chance
    The Dukes' efforts to prevent an escaped hit man from settling a score with Enos are impeded by Boss, who's after the reward money on the fugitive's head.
  11. High Flyin' Dukes
    When the Dukes' crop-duster friend falls ill, Daisy promises to complete his assignments. Her first job: dust Hogg's farm - with a mixture he's secretly laced with lye so he can sue for damages.
  12. Cooter's Girl
    Cooter tries to be the picture of respectability during a surprise visit from the daughter he's never met, but can't avoid getting tangled up with two strangers who've come to Hazzard with the secret intention of setting up a toxic-waste dump.
  13. Heiress Daisy Duke
    Daisy is convinced she's the long-lost granddaughter of a wealthy man who's offering a large sum to find her. But his other heirs want to make dead sure he doesn't.
  14. Dead and Alive
    Bo and Luke are mistaken for armored-car thieves, and the only eyewitness to the crime has been declared legally dead by Hogg as part of a get-rich-quick scheme.
  15. Play it Again, Luke
    Luke must protect a former girlfriend - now a rising singer - from her manager, who wants to collect on her life-insurance policy.
  16. Undercover Dukes - Part I
    Daisy and Uncle Jesse are mystified when Bo and Luke return to the NASCAR circuit, as drivers for the daughter of a racketeer. First of two parts.
  17. Undercover Dukes - Part II
    Conclusion. Bo and Luke uncover Carver's conspiracy but may not live to celebrate their success.
  18. How to Succeed in Hazzard
    Hogg's nasty nephew Dewey (Robert Morse) comes to Hazzard to die - or so he claims - and soon begins a fund-raiser for his own "memorial clinic," a scam that defrauds his uncle and leaves Jesse holding the bag.
  19. Close Call for Daisy
    A crime boss pursues Daisy after she mistakenly picks up his book of racketeering activities instead of the notes for her theater group's play.
  20. The Ransom of Hazzard County
    Honest Deputy Enos gets "promoted" to a civilian job so Boss Hogg can resume his racketeering. Trouble is, the new deputy is even more crooked than Boss.
  21. Cooter's Confession
    Cooter takes the rap for a friend who's been framed for the hijacking of a truckload of auto parts.
  22. The Fortune Tellers
    A desperate Boss enlists a fortuneteller and her assistant to help him carry off a theft from his wife's safe. Meanwhile, Daisy is accused in the disappearance of the Boar's Nest daily receipts.

Series 7

  1. Happy Birthday, General Lee
    The seventh season opens with Bo and Luke recalling the race eight years earlier - with the mortgage to Uncle Jesse's farm riding on the outcome - that led to the creation of the General Lee.
  2. Welcome, Waylon Jennings
    Series narrator and balladeer Waylon Jennings visits old friend Jesse, carting along his mobile museum of country-music memorabilia, which Boss plans to hijack for ransom from the insurance company.
  3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke
    Luke's personality changes after drinking contaminated pond water, leaving him ripe for two crooks who enlist his aid in holding up Boss's bank.
  4. Robot P. Coltrane
    Rosco loses his job to a robot stolen by thieves planning to frame the ex-sheriff and the Dukes for the robbery of Boss Hogg's bank.
  5. No More Mr. Nice Guy
    A bump on the head transforms Boss Hogg into a gentle, caring man.
  6. The Dukes in Hollywood
    After the Dukes save a movie star whose car's brakes failed, they're offered a part in the picture he was making and invited to Hollywood, where the leading man's "accidents" continue.
  7. Cool Hands, Luke and Bo
    The Dukes land on a chain gang, pawns in the scheme of a neighboring county's crime lord to acquire the holdings of his bitter rival Boss Hogg.
  8. Go West, Young Dukes
    When Hogg produces a deed indicating Jesse's farm is really his, the Dukes consult the diary of Jesse's great grandfather and flash back to the events in 1862 that helped create the curious document.
  9. Cale Yarborough Comes to Hazzard
    Stock-car driver Cale Yarborough comes to Hazzard to visit a seriously ill fan, but winds up framed for a bank heist along with the Dukes.
  10. Danger on the Hazzard Express
    Boss Hogg's crooks steal the General Lee and rig it with explosives to crash the car into a train filled with gold.
  11. Sittin' Dukes
    Two convicts, one of them busted by Luke in his Marine Corps days, break out of prison and force the Dukes to help them escape across the state line through a forest fire.
  12. Sky Bandits Over Hazzard
    After wrongfully accusing the Dukes of a theft, Boss Hogg uses Bo and Luke to find the real culprits who hijacked a shipment of cash.
  13. The Haunting of J.D. Hogg
    Bo and Luke try to spook Boss Hogg and a crooked lawyer who are scheming to destroy the second will of Boss's late Uncle Silas - a document that would transfer executorship of $100,000 earmarked to charity from Boss to Uncle Jesse.
  14. When You Wish Upon a Hogg
    Hughie Hogg schemes to seize his uncle's fortune and control of Hazzard County by having a pair of con artists make Boss Hogg believe in a magic lantern.
  15. Strange Visitor to Hazzard
    A rash of UFO sightings around Hazzard inspire Boss and Rosco and a pair of hoods on the lam to concoct separate scams.
  16. Enos and Daisy's Wedding
    Bo and Luke race after a pair of crooks who have framed Enos for a bank robbery.
  17. Opening Night at the Boar's Nest
    Rosco's magic act may have worked too well when Boss Hogg really disappears along with $3 million and an armored truck.