The Incredible Hulk
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The Incredible Hulk


Name: Dr. David Bruce Banner
Actor: Bill Bixby

A scientist involved in an experiment that went wrong. Transforms into the Hulk when angry. Constantly searching for a cure. "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Name: The Hulk
Actor: Lou Ferrigno

Dr. David Bruce Banner's alter ego.

Name: Jack McGee
Actor: Jack Colvin

A newspaper reporter for The National Register. Obsessively follows the trail of destruction left behind from the Hulk. Later begins to suspect Dr David Banners involvement with the Hulk.

Name: Narrator
Actor: Ted Cassidy

Name: Dr. Elaina Marks
Actor: Susan Sullivan

Name: Ms Maier
Actor: Susan Batson

Name: Ben
Actor: Charles Siebert

Name: Mr Bram
Actor: Mario Gallo

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