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Name: George Cowley
Actor: Gordon Jackson

Was a major in the army, and formed CI5 to combat crimes such as terrorism in Britain. Cowley had made combating crime his life's work, and he didn't seem to have much of a personal life away from the office. While he was still very much a man of action, he didn't get in on the action very often due to the fact that he had a bullet lodged in his leg.

Name: William Andrew Philip Bodie
Actor: Lewis Collins

Left school at fourteen. Joined the Merchant Navy. Then jumped ship three years later at Dakar. Was a bouncer in an African club, gun running for both sides during the Congo wars, a mercenary soldier in Angola, Biafra, some dubious activities in Jordan, and then came back to join the army, where he became a sergeant with the paras, then was seconded to the SAS, and now in CI5.

Name: Ray Doyle
Actor: Martin Shaw

With the police he became a boxing champion, a class-A marksman with both rifle and handgun. Interested in kendo and karate, and started a sports club dedicated to those skills. Now in CI5.

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