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Name: Monkey (Sun Wu-Kong)
Actor: Masaaki Sakai
Voice: David Collings

Monkey is a brave fighter, who has magical powers, and is very mischievous. He fights using a Magic Wishing Staff which can grow to any size. He is able to summon a pink fluffy cloud on which to be transported. The ring he wears around his head is Monkey's source of power - this in turn is controlled by Tripitaka.

Name: Tripitaka (Xuanzang Sanzang)
Actor: Masako Natsume
Voice: Miriam Margolyes

Tripitaka is a sometimes naive young man, who trusts everyone, and is unaware of the evils of the world. He is a peaceful character who always wants to help, although through the use of the headache sutra can control Monkey and force him to help - whenever he feels uncooperative.

Name: Pigsy (Zhu Ba-Jie)
Actor: Toshiyuki Nishida (1), Tonpei Hidari (2)
Voice: Peter Woodthorpe

Pigsy is less brave, using his trademark Muck Rake. He is always trying to woo the delectable maidens - never with any success. When feasting, in keeping with his name, can consume an inordinate amount of food in a very short time!

Name: Sandy (Sha Wu-Jing)
Actor: Shirô Kishibe
Voice: Gareth Armstrong

Mild-mannered Sandy is the thinker, much more a thinker than a doer. He fights using a Water Staff, and wares a necklace of nine human skulls around his neck. He is also Monkey's closest companion.

Name: Yu-Lung (2)
Actor: Shunji Fujimura
Voice: Andrew Sachs

A trusty, but quite shy, talking horse. He is actually a water dragon, who acts as Tripitaka's horse after eating the original. He can also change into human form to help in fights.

Name: Buddha
Actor: Mieko Takamine
Voice: Cecile Chevreau

Name: Narrator
Voice: Frank Duncan

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