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Name: Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill
Actor: Richard Dean Anderson

Commander of SG-1, pulled out of retirement to lead the first Stargate mission

Name: Doctor Daniel Jackson
Actor: Michael Shanks

SG-1's archaeological expert, responsible for cracking the code to first activate the Stargate

Name: Major Samantha "Sam" Carter
Actor: Amanda Tapping

SG-1 team member, astrophysicist, and responsible for deciphering the Stargate addressing system

Name: Teal'c
Actor: Christopher Judge

SG-1's insight into the Goa'uld comes from its Jaffa rebel, formerly first prime of Apophis

Name: General George Hammond
Actor: Don S. Davis

Commanding officer of the SGC, he coordinates all Stargate missions

Name: Doctor Janet Fraiser
Actor: Teryl Rothery

Chief medical officer for the Stargate Command facility

Name: Jonas Quinn
Actor: Corin Nemec

Name: Apophis
Actor: Peter Williams

Evil Goa'uld System Lord, and SG-1's arch enemy

Name: Bra'tac
Actor: Tony Amendola

Teal'c former Jaffa master, teacher, friend and former first prime of Apophis

Name: General Jacob Carter / Selmak
Actor: Carmen Argenziano

Samantha Carter's father, who lives and works offworld with the Goa'uld resistance movement

Name: Colonel Harry Maybourne
Actor: Tom McBeath

Colonel Maybourne worked with the NID (a secret government division) before being convicted of treason

Name: Thor
Actor: Mark Gibbon
Voice: Michael Shanks

A leader of the Asgard, a highly advanced race that support the humans and oppose the Goa'uld

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