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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. The Way Back
    Blake learns that he was once a major resistance leader. But the Federation have wiped his memory. They try him for crimes he did not commit. He is sentenced to exile on Cygnus Alpha.
  2. Space Fall
    Blake's attempt to take over the prison ship London fails when the ship's first officer, Raiker, starts killing the other prisoners. They encounter the Liberator, drifting in space. After a Federation boarding party is killed by the security system, Blake, Jenna and Avon are sent on board. Blake disarms the security system, thanks to the false memories the Federation planted in his brain. Blake, Jenna and Avon now control the Liberator.
  3. Cygnus Alpha
    The Liberator follows the London to Cygnus Alpha. While Blake teleports to the surface to rescue the other prisoners, Avon makes a discovery on the Liberator. Will he leave Blake to the mercy of the High Priest Vargas, or will Jenna pursued him to wait for Blake?
  4. Time Squad
    The crew take on-board an escape pod with aliens in suspended animation. While Blake, Villa and Avon teleport to Saurian Major to attack the communication complex (and are attacked by Cally!) the two surviving aliens are being revived. [intro. Cally]
  5. The Web
    The Liberator is trapped in a web around an unknown planet after being sabotaged by Cally. The web was created by two genetically engineered humanoids, created by exiled beings from Cally's home planet. They want Blake's help to commit genocide against the Decimas, another genetically created race.
  6. Seek-Locate-Destroy
    The crew steal a Federation message decoder from a high-security installation on the planet Centero. In the chaos of the escape Cally is left behind. Travis uses her as bait in a trap for Blake. Blake reverses the trap.
  7. Mission to Destiny
    The Galaxy Class Cruiser Ortega is circling in space. The crew were carrying a vital neurotope to their home planet, Destiny. But, one of the Ortega's crew has murdered the pilot and is trying to kill everyone else on-board. Blake's crew have to find the murderer and get the neurotope to Destiny in time to save the entire planet.
  8. Duel
    The Liberator is hiding in low orbit around an uncharted planet to recharge it's energy banks when it is attacked by Travis' pursuit ships. Low on power Blake decides to ram Travis' ship. Instants before the ships colide an alien goddess from the dead planet freezes time and stops the battle. Blake and Travis are transported to the planet, to teach them the meaning of death. In a forced battle-to-the-death Blake shows mercy and refuses to kill Travis.
  9. Project Avalon
    Avalon, another resistance leader, is held hostage by Travis and Servalan. The crew rescue her, only to find out that they have "rescued" an android replica which is programmed to kill the crew. The crew return to rescue the real Avalon and turn the trap on Travis and Servalan.
  10. Breakdown
    Gan's limiter malfunctions and the crew travel to the nearest medical facility to get help, a neutral space station. While Avan does a deal with the station administrator for sanctuary and research facilities (for himself), the neurosurgeon informs the Federation where the Liberator is. The pursuit ships arrive...
  11. Bounty
    President Sarkoff, the deposed leader of the planet Lindor is being held prisoner on (another) unnamed planet by the Federation. The crew arrive to convince him to return to Lindor and overthrow Federation rule. Meanwhile, the Liberator answers a distress call from another ship, only to be boarded by smugglers that want the Liberator for themselves. One of them is an old acquaintance of Jenna's.
  12. Deliverance
    The crew witness a space ship explode and crash on the planet Cephlon. They teleport down to look for survivors. The one survivor is teleported back to the Liberator. Villa, Avon and Gan search for Jenna who has been abducted by the natives. (Lord) Avon launches an old chemical rocket containing the gene banks of the original inhabitants of the planet (and is worshipped as a god by the female caretaker. The survivor of the crash reveals that he was taking new power cells and a surgeon to help his dying father. And that the Federation are willing to pay 100 million credits for something called ORAC...
  13. Orac
    The crew fly to Aristo to deliver the power cells to Ensor, hoping he can provide anti-radiation drugs for themselves. Travis and Servalan are also on their way. Ensor gives Orac to Blake before he dies. When asked to predict the future Orac, apparently, predicts the destruction of the Liberator.

Series 2

  1. Redemption
    The Liberator is attacked by unknown ships and taken to the area of space where ORAC has predicted it's destruction. The ship's builders, The System, have come to claim their ship back. During the crew's escape ORAC arranges the destruction of Liberator's sister ship DSV-1 to make his prediction come true.
  2. Shadow
    Blake attempts to enlist the help of the Terra Nostra (an organized crime syndicate which controls the distribution of the addictive drug Shadow) in his fight against the Federation. However, it soon emerges that the Terra Nostra is run by the Federation!
  3. Weapon
    Servalan persuades the Clonemasters to create two clones of Blake to help her capture Blake and a new weapon IMIPAK created by an escaped beta-grade Federation technician. The surviving Blake clone prevents the weapon's "trigger" from ever being used.
  4. Horizon
    The crew are put to work in a mine on the planet Horizon after teleporting down and being captured by Federation guards. Avon considers leaving the planet by himself with the Liberator.
  5. Pressure Point
    The Liberator returns to Earth, and Blake wants to capture Federation Control, in the belief that it would cripple the Federation. An important episode for the series, and also one of the best. [Gan dies]
  6. Trial
    Travis is put on trial for the deaths of civilians. Blake goes to a barren planet to think about the loss of his fallen comrade.
  7. Killer
    The Liberator crew journey to a planet where a friend of Avon's works, in order to get TP crystals. The derelict spaceship K-47 is retrieved, and an on-board virus spreads throughout the complex.
  8. Hostage
    The Liberator is ambushed by several Federation ships. Travis captures Blake's cousin. He claims to want to join Blake's crew.
  9. Countdown
    The crew travels to the planet Albian in search of information on the location of the Federation computer system Star One. Avon defuses a bomb with the help of Del Grant, who had thought Avon deserted his sister.
  10. Voice From The Past
    A "time bomb" planted in Blake's memory by the Federation has been stimulated. He goes to an asteroid to meet with the legendary Shivar and Governor Le Grand, who also wish to overthrow the Federation.
  11. Gambit
    The crew search for the only man who knows the location of Star One - in Freedom City. At the Big Wheel gambling casino, a miniaturized Orac helps Avon and Vila win large amounts of money.
  12. The Keeper
    In their quest for information on the location of Star One, the crew search for a member of the royal family of Goth who has an amulet containing a brain print.
  13. Star One
    The crew reach Star One, only to find it is already being overtaken by Andromedan forces. Avon kills Travis. The Federation computer is destroyed. Blake is seriously hurt. [Departure of Blake and Jenna]

Series 3

  1. Aftermath
    Severely damaged by combat in the Galactic War, the Liberator disperses its crew while it repairs itself. Avon lands on a planet and is rescued by the daughter of a former revolutionary. Priceless scenes between Avon and Servalan. One of the best episodes of the series. [Intro. Dayna]
  2. Powerplay
    Avon and Dayna return to the Liberator, only to find it has been claimed by Tarrant. The rest of the crew are rescued by a medical ship and eventually brought back to the Liberator. [Intro. Tarrant]
  3. Volcano
    The crew search for a new home base on the planet Obsidian, whose volcanic outbursts, and a nuclear device buried in the planet's core by its inhabitants, protect the planet from being overtaken. Servalan employs an elaborate plan to take control of the Liberator.
  4. Dawn Of The Gods
    Orac steers Liberator off course to investigate a black hole, and Liberator lands on the artificial planet Crador. The only episode where you get to see Liberator parked.
  5. The Harvest Of Kairos
    One of Servalan's former subordinates, critical of her inability to catch the Liberator, is given an opportunity to catch it. Kairopan crystals harvested from the planet Kairos are taken aboard the Liberator after an attack run on the Federation freighter transporting them. Servalan boards the Liberator for the first time.
  6. The City At The Edge Of The World
    Crystals would be provided for Liberator's weapon systems, in exchange for Vila's help in obtaining a treasure on the planet Keezarn. Vila finds a gateway to another world. Vila's best episode in the series.
  7. Children Of Auron
    Servalan introduces a plague to the people of Auron, and the crew journey to Cally's home world to save them. Servalan uses this plan to get the Liberator, and to make clones in her image. An important episode for the development of Servalan's character, and much background information on Cally's character.
  8. Rumours Of Death
    Avon wishes to hunt down the person who killed his former girlfriend, Anna Grant. He finds her alive, now working as an agent of the Federation. An important episode for the development of Avon's character.
  9. Sarcophagus
    The crew find a drifting ship, whose artefacts have a strange effect on Cally. An alien avoiding death has possessed her, and Avon has to break the spell.
  10. Ultraworld
    The crew go to the planet Ultraworld, only to discover it is a mental reprocessing plant. Vila saves the crew by telling riddles to Orac.
  11. Moloch
    Tarrant is teleported into a spaceship bound for the invisible planet Sardos, which the crew of Liberator discover after nearly crashing into it. Servalan is interested in the matter replication technology developed by the inhabitants of the planet.
  12. Death-Watch
    The crew visits the Teal and Vandor systems, currently at war with each other. A representative of each system is chosen for a battle. Tarrant kills the warrior who killed his brother.
  13. Terminal
    Avon secretly takes over the ship and flies it through a field containing enzymes which eat away at the Liberator's hull. They reach the planetoid Terminal, where Avon believes Blake is residing. Another important episode, both for the series and for Avon's character. [Appearance by Blake. Destruction of Liberator (and Zen).]

Series 4

  1. Rescue
    Dorian, owner of the spaceship Scorpio, rescues the crew from Terminal. He tries to enlist the help of Orac to build a teleport mechanism for Scorpio and attempts to kill the crew. [Intro Scorpio (and Slave) & Soolin. Death of Cally.]
  2. Power
    The Scorpio, rendered inaccessible by an elaborate security system, is stolen by a native of the planet who seeks to escape. Avon completes the Scorpio teleport system with the help of Orac.
  3. Traitor
    The planet Helotrix is falling easily to attack from a new Federation pacification drug, as are many other star systems. Tarrant and Dayna teleport down to the surface to investigate. Servalan, deposed of her presidency in the Federation, is back under the alias Commissioner Sleer.
  4. Stardrive
    After attempts to match the course of an asteroid for cover result in collision with the asteroid and severe damage to Scorpio's engines, the crew search for an experimental stardrive developed by an ex-Federation designer who is now working for a terrorist group. One of Avon's more vicious episodes.
  5. Animals
    Dayna meets an old friend, Justin, to seek help with synthesizing an antidote to the Federation pacification drug. Servalan learns of Scorpio's visit to Justin's planet and of the genetic research he is performing there.
  6. Headhunter
    The crew rescue a protégé of Ensor's who instead turns out to be his android creation seeking to unite with Orac. Orac verbally slams Avon near the end of the episode.
  7. Assassin
    Servalan hires an assassin to kill the crew by luring them to a trap set aboard the assassin's ship.
  8. Games
    The scientist Belkov has stripped a planet of a valuable crystalline substance and tries to double cross both Servalan and the Scorpio crew in an attempt to escape with the private stash he has collected. He is aided by his computer, an amalgamation of a standard Federation computer and a pleasure planet gaming machine. The only episode where Scorpio fires its weaponry.
  9. Sand
    Servalan investigates a planet which contains an unknown substance of potential usefulness whose investigation team mysteriously died. The crew learn of Servalan's trip and decide to investigate for themselves. Interesting scenes between Tarrant and Servalan.
  10. Gold
    A plan to steal a shipment of atomically converted gold being transported from the planet Xeroc aboard a domestic passenger ship winds up turning into a major loss for the crew. Note the aluminium pie plates which comprise the interior of the passenger ship's cargo hold, and the plastic-covered Xerox machine which Avon inspects for the ship's records.
  11. Orbit
    The scientist Egrorian offers Avon a powerful weapon, the Tachyon Funnel, in exchange for Orac. Servalan, who is behind the transfer, prepares a plan to double-cross Avon that would give her both the Tachyon Funnel and Orac. Avon nearly murders Vila. An important episode for Avon's character, for this reason.
  12. Warlord
    Avon tries to form an alliance to produce an anti-pacification drug by negotiating with the leaders of three warring star systems. The Xenon base is sabotaged by explosives and a deadly virus. Tarrant falls in love with the daughter of the saboteur.
  13. Blake
    After Orac traces Blake's trail to the planet Gauda Prime, Avon and crew travel there, leaving the destroyed Xenon base behind. Scorpio is attacked on approach to the planet and crash lands on the surface of Gauda Prime. Avon and crew travel in search of Blake, and discover that he may have sold out to the Federation. Another important episode for Avon and the series. [Destruction of Scorpio (and Slave). Death of Blake and possibly remainder of crew.]