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Episode Guide


  1. Miami Vice: Brother's Keeper
    Miami police detective Sonny Crockett reluctantly teams with New York bred newcomer Ricardo Tubbs

Series 1

  1. Heart Of Darkness
    Crockett & Tubbs are skeptical of rumors an undercover FBI agent (Ed O'Neill) has betrayed their operation
  2. Cool Runnin'
    Crockett & Tubbs must enlist the help of an unreliable petty thief (Charlie Barnett) to bust a Jamaican drug operation
  3. Return of Calderone, Part 1
    Tubbs works to save Crockett and his family from falling victim to an Argentinian assassin
  4. Return of Calderone, Part 2
    While on the trail of Calderone in Bimini, Tubbs falls in love with a woman who forces him to consider his loyalties
  5. One Eyed Jack
    Crockett attempts to help an old flame free herself from a racketeer (Dennis Farina), then is framed for taking bribes; Castillo becomes new Lt
  6. No Exit
    Federal agents join Crockett & Tubbs to stop a dealer (Bruce Willis) from selling Stingers
  7. The Great McCarthy
    Crockett's renovated cigarette boat is used to stop a man who hides drug smuggling under his speedboat hobby
  8. Glades
    Crockett & Tubbs enter the Florida marshes to find a smuggler who decides against testifying when his daughter is abducted
  9. Give A Little, Take A Little
    While Crockett goes to jail for refusing to name an informant tied to a crime boss, Gina risks all to nab the mobster
  10. Little Prince
    The detectives arrest a drug dealer's son in the hopes the young man will reveal something about his father
  11. Milk Run
    Two students get in trouble smuggling cocaine-filled statues into the country for a gangster (Alexis Arguello)
  12. Golden Triangle, Part 1
    Crockett & Tubbs pose as hotel security while using a prostitute (Robin Johnson) to help capture a pair of safecrackers
  13. Golden Triangle, Part 2
    Castillo asks Crockett & Tubbs to find the drug sumggler (Keye Luke) who has kidnapped his wife
  14. Smuggler's Blues
    A bush pilot (Glenn Frey) agrees to fly Crockett and Tubbs to Colombia where they search for someone robbing drug smugglers
  15. Rites Of Passage
    Tubbs and a former girlfriend (Pam Grier) try to convince her drug-addicted sister (Tery Ferman) to leave prostitution
  16. The Maze
    Gangs trap Tubbs during his undercover assignment in their heavily guarded beseiged apartment house
  17. Made For Each Other
    After Zito moves in with Switek and his girfriend, personal conflicts endanger their plan to trap an ambitious fence
  18. The Home Invaders
    Crockett resents Castillo's attack on his mentor while investigating brutal burlgarizing in wealthy neighborhoods (w/Esai Morales)
  19. Nobody Lives Forever
    Crockett's latest love affair could cost him his life when he & Tubbs join homicide to catch a trio of drug-crazed teens
  20. Evan
    Crockett asks to be taken off a case after learning the name of the agent (William Russ) trying to nab an arms supplier
  21. Lombard
    Crockett & Tubbs protect a crime kingpin (Dennis Farina) whose testimony could convict a mob chieftan

Series 2

  1. Prodigal Son
    Crockett & Tubbs go to Manhattan to find the Colombian drug dealers who are killing federal agents
  2. Whatever Works
    Crockett, Tubbs & Castillo contact a Santerian priestess (Eartha Kitt) to find a link between ritualistic killings of officers and traffickers (w/The Power Station)
  3. Out Where The Buses Don't Run
    Crockett & Tubbs learn the key to finding a missing mobster is in a deranged ex-detective's home computer
  4. The Dutch Oven
    Trudy finds comfort with an old lover until she puts the pressure on his friend's business with a cocaine dealer
  5. Buddies
    Crockett is forced to realize that an Army buddy may be involved in a hit on a young mother with incriminating evidence against a mobster
  6. Junk Love
    A drug dealer's passion for a beautiful addict who despises him gives Crockett & Tubbs a risky edge in a deadly game (w/Miles Davis)
  7. Tale Of The Goat
    A Haitian crime boss (Clarence Williams III) thought to be dead returns to retrieve $500,000 from a former associate
  8. Bushido
    Hide and seek turns deadly when Castillo, Tubbs & Crockett attempt to protect a renegade CIA agent's (Dean Stockwell) Soviet wife & child
  9. Bought & Paid For
    Gina seeks Crockett's help in finding a victim willing to press charges against a Bolivian banker's playboy son
  10. Back In The World
    Memories of Vietnam haunt Crockett when a war correspondent shows up raving about an officer (G. Gordon Liddy) who smuggled heroin
  11. Phil The Shill
    A clever con artist (Phil Collins) plays a deadly game with a ring of cocaine dealers being shadowed by Crockett & Tubbs
  12. Definitely Miami
    Castillo attempts to organize the surrender of a crime boss; a mysterious woman with a dangerous boyfriend (Ted Nugent) leads Crockett on
  13. Yankee Dollar
    When Crockett learns an ex-girlfriend's cause of death, he & Tubbs appropriate confiscated cocaine to lure the dealers responsible
  14. One Way Ticket
    An anonymous phone call from a crime boss' lawyer (John Heard) leads Crockett & Tubbs to the hitman who killed a deputy DA
  15. Little Miss Dangerous
    Crockett & Tubbs examine crayon scrawls left at various murder sites, unaware they are the work of a psychotic teenager (Fiona)
  16. Florence Italy
    Crockett & Tubbs investigate a grand-prix racer (Danny Sullivan) suspected of murdering a prostitute
  17. French Twist
    Tubbs worries about Crockett's obsession with a lovely French Interpol agent
  18. The Fix
    Crockett tries to expose a judge (Bill Russell) whose gambling debts have forced him to ask his basketball star son (Bernard King) to throw a game
  19. Payback
    Someone sets up Crockett while he and Tubbs work with a govt agent to set up a reclusive drug dealer (Frank Zappa)
  20. Free Verse
    Would-be assasins kidnap the daughter of a Latin American author preparing to address Congress (w/Bianca Jagger)
  21. Trust Fund Pirates
    A smuggler helps Crockett & Tubbs find the foolhardy pirates who commandeer contraband-laden vessels
  22. Sons and Lovers
    Angelina returns to warn Tubbs of a bounty put on his head by her brother (w/Lee Iacocca)

Series 3

  1. When Irish Eyes Are Crying
    Gina is skeptical when a zealous Scotland Yard inspector labels her new love (Liam Neeson) a soldier for the IRA
  2. Stone's War
    A journalist returns to Miami with videotapes of Col Maynard's (G. Gordon Liddy) paramilitary unit in Nicaragua, seeking protection
  3. Kill Shot
    Drug dealers blackmail a US agent with a tape of his jai-alai star brother commiting murder
  4. Walk-Alone
    Tubbs goes under in a prison to break a ring of guards who use dealer inmates to bring in cocaine
  5. The Good Collar
    A star high school athlete, arrested for delivering heroin, agrees to help Crockett trap a 15-yr-old druglord
  6. Shadow In The Dark
    Castillo & Tubbs worry about Crockett's obsession with a cat burglar who leaves bizarre clues in victims homes
  7. El Viejo
    Crockett & Tubbs keep tabs on a crusty lawman (Willie Nelson) who plans to sell 50 kilos to a murderous bolivian dealer
  8. Better Living Through Chemistry
    Tubbs' former partner abducts a chemist for drug dealers, and frames Rico for the crime
  9. Baby Blues
    A young mother helps Crockett and Tubbs trap a black-marketeer selling kidnapped Colombian infants in the US
  10. Streetwise
    An undercover cop (Bill Paxton) and his hooker lover help the detectives find the source of some pure pharmaceutical cocaine
  11. Forgive Us Our Debts
    New evidence in an 8-yr-old murder case makes Crockett race to save a death-row inmate he helped incarcerate
  12. Down For The Count, Part 1
    Zito must take over training a boxer (Mark Breland) when his manager (Tex Cobb) is killed, angering a mobster with plans for the fighter
  13. Down For The Count, Part 2
    Zito's death sends a stricken Switek and an outraged Crockett and Tubbs after a drug kingpin (Pepe Serna)
  14. Cuba Libre
    Crockett & Tubbs stumble onto a plot by fanatical Cuban commandos to assassinate an important Cuban diplomat
  15. The Savage/Duty And Honor
    Castillo helps a former detective friend from Vietnam (Haing Ngor) pursue a vicious hitman before a Latin American leader's speech
  16. Theresa
    Crockett is investigated when authorities link his physician girlfriend to a drug kingpin
  17. The Afternoon Plane
    Vacationing on a remote Caribbean island, unarmed Tubbs is the target of vengeful drug king Orlando Calderone
  18. Lend Me An Ear
    The electronics whiz supplying Crockett & Tubbs with surveillance devices also outfits their drug-dealing quarry
  19. Red Tape
    Tubbs searches desperately for the source of information leaks about future busts (w/Lou Diamond Phillips)
  20. By Hooker By Crook
    Crockett & Tubbs seek a murder witness (Vanity), unaware that she works for Sonny's lover, a madam (Melanie Griffith) (w/George Takei)
  21. Knock Knock...Who's There?
    Crockett & Tubbs probe drug busts ruined by phony federal agents who disappear with the evidence
  22. Viking Bikers From Hell
    A motorcycle gang seeks to avenge a drug-dealing comrade's death by killing his customers (w/Reb Brown, John Matuszak)
  23. Everybody's In Showbiz
    An actor/writer is in danger when he steals a drug dealer's briefcase and the vital information it contains
  24. Heroes of the Revolution
    An East German spy (Jeroen Krabbe) seeks revenge for the 26-yr-old murder of Gina's mother in Cuba

Series 4

  1. Contempt Of Court
    By scaring the jury into mistrial, a mobster hopes to buy time to find the witness Crockett is protecting
  2. Amen...Send Money
    The fury of feuding TV evangelists (Brian Dennehy) hits Tubbs when he is accused of raping a parishoner
  3. Death & The Lady
    An actress's on-screen murder propels Crockett & Tubbs to investigate the film's flaky director
  4. The Big Thaw
    2 factions fight for possession of dead reggae singer's body
  5. Child's Play
    Crockett agonizes about shooting a child during weapons investigation
  6. God's Work
    The return of a kingpin's financial wizard son (Esai Morales) sets off speculation in the Miami underworld
  7. Missing Hours
    A man's body disappears from the moruge; Trudy has an encounter with UFOs
  8. Like A Hurricane
    Crockett is assigned to guard a recording star (Sheena Easton) who is a witness in a payola scandal, and ends up falling in love
  9. The Rising Sun Of Death
    An executive's murder alerts Castillo to Yakuza presence in Miami, but the arrival of a Japanese investigator is no help
  10. Love At First Sight
    Newlywed Caitlin fears Sonny's undercover assignment at a dating service will make her a widow
  11. Rock And A Hard Place
    Two music executives try to ruin Caitlin's comeback by exposing Sonny as a drug kingpin
  12. The Cows Of October
    A cowboy's larcenous attempt to improve his cattle attracts attention from the government, Cuban Communists & Izzy
  13. Vote Of Confidence
    A prominent candidate is busted in rolling whorehouse
  14. Baseballs of Death
    Crockett & Tubbs can't link a Chilean police chief to a double murder until they learn he plans to smuggle weapons
  15. Indian Wars
    Tubbs relates to American Indian zealots trying save their homeland
  16. Honor Among Thieves?
    Crockett & Tubbs want to bring in a killer, but fear doing so will blow their covers
  17. Hell Hath No Fury
    A convicted rapist's release makes Trudy fear that the man's victim may have revenge on her mind
  18. Badge of Dishonor
    When a string of murders is linked to a rival unit, Crockett & Tubbs feel an undercover officer may be the killer (w/Reni Santoni)
  19. Blood & Roses
    The mobster who killed Sonny's friend is freed
  20. A Bullet For Crockett
    Sonny hallucinates while near death from a bullet wound
  21. Deliver Us From Evil
    A murder case reunites Sonny with the man who tricked his way off Death Row
  22. Mirror Image
    A concussion leaves Crockett thinking he is drug-dealer Sonny Burnett and goes to work for a Colombian crimeboss

Series 5

  1. Hostile Takeover
    Still thinking he is Sonny Burnett, Crockett starts a war between the crime family he joined and a rival clan
  2. Redemption In Blood
    As drug-lord Crockett's memory returns, Tubbs feels his partner has gone bad and must be destroyed
  3. Heart Of Night
    Castillo grapples with emotions while protecting his ex-wife from a drug kingpin trying to kill her & her husband
  4. Bad Timing
    Ordered to take time off, Crockett's vacation is cut short when he is kidnapped by 3 homicidal prison escapees
  5. Borrasca
    Tubbs & Castillo attempt to intervene in a drug deal in which govt agents want no police interference
  6. Line Of Fire
    Crockett & Tubbs reluctantly comply with an FBI request to guard a witness in a drug overlord's trial
  7. Asian Cut
    Crockett & Tubbs use Trudy as a decoy to catch a sadistic serial killer who preys on call girls
  8. Hard Knocks
    Switek sinks into drinking and gambling when thugs force him to talk his QB buddy into throwing a game
  9. Fruit Of The Poison Tree
    Crockett & Tubbs investigate an attorney (Stephen McHattie) who defends drug dealers, then steals and resells their drugs
  10. To Have & To Hold
    Crockett's son in trouble, Tubbs falls for the wife of a kingpin while undercover
  11. Miami Squeeze
    Crockett defends Castillo when a mobster coerces a congresswoman (Rita Moreno) into implicating him in a drug deal
  12. Jack Of All Trades
    Crockett's scheming cousin endangers him with mobsters
  13. The Cell Within
    An author Tubbs once sent to prison invites him to a party, takes him prisoner and demonstrates his own views on justice
  14. The Lost Madonna
    Crockett & Tubbs pose as art fences to search for the main section of a 15th century painting worth millions
  15. Over The Line
    Crockett & Tubbs infiltrate a vigilante police group that risks innocent lives to dispense justice
  16. Victims Of Circumstance
    Holocaust survivors plan to bring a former Nazi to trial
  17. Freefall
    Crockett & Tubbs must bring back a Latin American despot to testify against a South American drug cartel
  18. World Of Trouble
    A mob boss believed to be dead (Dennis Farina) reappears, and must avoid a drug kingpin who vows to kill him
  19. Miracle Man
    A loon in superhero garb ruins Tubbs and Switek's drug busts and makes himself the target of hustlers, reporters & hitmen
  20. Leap Of Faith
    Crockett, his protege, and a friend (Kiel Martin) investigate a professor for a series of drug-related student deaths