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Name: James "Jim" Tiberius Kirk
Actor: William Shatner

Captain. An unorthodox captain who refuses to accept defeat - no matter what the odds. His charm and charisma makes him something of a ladies man, yet his love for the Enterprise always wins.

Name: Spock
Actor: Leonard Nimoy

Science officer. Of Terran and Vulcan origin, he stryuggles for his vulcan logic to control his terrestrial emotions. Master player of 3-D chess and an expert in the ship's library computer.

Name: Leonard "Bones" H McCoy, M.D.
Actor: DeForest Kelley

Doctor - chief medical officer. A staunchly humane and passionate man, Bones has an acerbic attitude and stands up for principles in the face of scepticism from his colleagues. He frequently clashes with Spock, whom he regards as infuriatingly cold and implacable.

Name: Montgomery Scott "Scotty"
Actor: James Doohan

Lieutenant Commander - chief engineer. Of Scottish origin, his pride and joy are the USS Enteprise engines. His ingenuity for problem solving and emergency repairs have earned him a reputation as a miracle worker.

Name: Uhura
Actor: Nichelle Nicholls

Lieutenant - communications officer. Of African origin, her name means 'freedom' in Swahili. An extremely skilled technician, Uhura was promoted to Commander and served at Starfleet Command on Earth after the Enterprise returned home.

Name: Hikaru Sulu
Actor: George Takei

Helm officer. Sulu is admired by the rest of the crew for his stoicism, dedication and efficiency. Initially into botany, shows a marked predilection for fencing.

Name: Pavel Andreievich Chekov (2-)
Actor: Walter Koenig

Navigator. Born in Russia, his history knowledge is somewhat colored by his nationalism. Friend of helm officer Sulu. The youngest of the bridge crew, looks up to Kirk as an example to emulate.

Name: Christine Chapel
Actor: Majel Barrett

Nurse. Dr McCoy's assistant, has unrequited love interest and attraction for Mr. Spock.

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