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Name: Jean-Luc Picard
Actor: Patrick Stewart

Captain. An accomplished diplomat and tactician, Picard managed to surpass a 22-year career as first officer and later captain of the USS Stargazer with an even more impressive record as captain of the fleet's flagship USS Enterprise.

Name: William "Will" Thomas Riker
Actor: Jonathan Frakes

Commander. Riker's job is to provide Captain Picard with the most efficiently-run ship and the best prepared crew he can. As a result, he maintains a more military bearing than the other characters, despite the fact that salutes and other military protocol no longer exist in the 24th century.

Name: Data
Actor: Brent Spiner

Lieutenant Commander. An android who possesses super strength and an incredible memory. He's virtually an encyclopedia but only in terms of information, not behavior. He possesses a sense of question and wonder that allows him to evolve, and is continuously exploring human nature and emotion on his quest to become human.

Name: Geordi LaForge
Actor: LeVar Burton

Lieutenant Commander - Chief Engineer. Blind since birth, but 'sees' through the use of the VISOR (Visual Input Sensory Optical Reflector) he wears over his eyes.

Name: Worf
Actor: Michael Dorn

Lieutenant - Chief of Security (following the death of Tasha). A Klingon graduate of the Starfleet Academy. Later transfers to Deep Space Nine.

Name: Dr. Beverly Crusher (1, 3-7)
Actor: Cheryl Gates McFadden

Chief Medical Officer. Dr Crusher's husband, a Starship captain, was killed on a mission saving Captain Picard, so her relationship with Jean-Luc is powerfully charged. She also is the mother of Wes, the Enterprise's brilliant young ensign.

Name: Deanna Troi
Actor: Marina Sirtis

Counselor. A half-human / half-alien (Betazoid) empath with the ability to read emotions and sense what is happening around her.

Name: Natasha "Tasha" Yar (1)
Actor: Denise Crosby

Lieutenant - Chief of Security. Had a tough upbringing. Is unfortunate enough to be killed twice during the series.

Name: Dr. Katherine Pulaski (2)
Actor: Diana Muldaur

Chief Medical Officer. Strong willed and often clashes with the captain - who she admires greatly.

Name: Wesley "Wes" Robert Crusher (4-7)
Actor: Wil Wheaton

Ensign. Beverly's son. Becomes an ensign despite Pacard's dislike of children, and goes on to join Starfleet.

Name: Q
Actor: John de Lancie

A powerful, yet bored alien, who likes to play games with the Enterprise's senior crew. Later appears aboard the USS Voyager.

Name: Guinan (2-7)
Actor: Whoopi Goldberg

Due to a long friendship with Captain Picard, she was invited to serve as the host of the Ten-Forward lounge, a bar aboard the Enterprise where her wise counsel proved to be a valuable asset.

Name: Lwaxana Troi
Actor: Majel Barrett

She is the mother of Deanna Troi, and of Betazoid descent, a race noted for their telepathic abilities. She came to the Enterprise on several occasions, all of them resulting in interesting situations.

Name: Miles Edward O'Brien (1-6)
Actor: Colm Meany

Transporter Chief. Marries Keiko Ishikawa aboard the USS Enterprise, and has a daughter named Molly. Transfers to Deep Space Nine.

Name: Reginald Barclay (3-7)
Actor: Dwight Schulz

Lieutenant. An extremely talented Starfleet systems diagnostic engineer, but was timid and awkward in social situations. Later appears helping the USS Voyager.

Name: Keiko Ishikawa O'Brien (4-6)
Actor: Rosalind Chao

Marries Miles O'Brien, and has a daughter named Molly. Started a school when Miles transferred. Later transfers to Deep Space Nine to join Miles.

Name: Ro Laren (5-7)
Actor: Michelle Forbes

Ensign. Of Bajoran descent, she had a great dislike for Cardassians. Initially a criminal, Picard gave her a second chance and made her one of his crew.

Name: Enterprise's Computer
Voice: Majel Barrett

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