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[opening monologue]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Her continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before."

[repeated line]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Engage!"

[repeated line]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Make it so."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Wishing for a thing doesn't make it so."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Let's make sure that history never forgets the name Enterprise."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "But... who knows - our reality may be very much like theirs. And all this... might just be an elaborate simulation running inside a little device... sitting on someone's table."

[his first words to Wesley Crusher]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "What the hell? Children are not allowed on the bridge."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "You are a little boy, six years old. You cannot hurt me."

[trying to inspire courage in a child in danger]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Let's see. Your science project involved radishes, did it not? I hereby appoint you my Executive Officer in charge of... um... radishes."

[after Captain Picard and his "crew" of three schoolchildren escaped from a damaged turbolift, the children come to the bridge to thank him. Picard leaving for his ready room]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "You have the bridge, Number One."
Commander William T. Riker, Marissa Flores : "Aye, sir."
[Riker looks at her, surprised. She laughs sheepishly. Picard winks at her]

[Picard, turned into a child and under the ruse of being Riker's son, accidently calls him "Number One"]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "He's my number one dad!"

[after many years, Picard runs into his old flame, Philippa Louvois]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "You know what I would like to do right now?"
Captain Phillipa Louvois: "Bust a chair across my face, probably."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "After that."
Captain Phillipa Louvois: "Ain't love grand?"

[Data approaches Picard to request advice on understanding women]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "When I have some, I'll let you know."

[said to Data when he loses his confidence after losing a game to a humanoid]"
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Sometimes, you can make no mistakes, do everything right, and still lose."

[at a hearing regarding the civil rights of androids like Data]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Are we prepared to condemn him, and all who come after him, to servitude and slavery? Your Honor, Starfleet was founded to seek out new life... well, THERE IT SITS."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "A matter of internal security: the age-old cry of the oppressor."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Lieutenant Worf, dispatch a subspace message to Admiral Hansen - We have engaged the Borg."

[as Locutus of Borg]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."

[last line of the series]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Five card stud, nothing wild. And the sky's the limit."

[the Enterprise is set to auto destruct and time is running out]
Computer: "Ten seconds to auto destruct."
Commander William T. Riker: "Captain?"
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Abort auto destruct sequence."
Computer: "Riker, William T. do you concur?"
Commander William T. Riker: "Yes. Absolutely. I do indeed concur wholeheartedly."
Computer: "Auto destruct cancelled."
[everyone breathes a huge sigh of relief]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "A simple 'yes' would have sufficed number one."
Commander William T. Riker: "I didn't want there to be any chance of misunderstanding."

Commander William T. Riker: "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships named Enterprise."

Commander William T. Riker: "A blind man teaching an android how to paint? That's gotta be worth a couple of pages in somebody's book."

[from an alternate universe]
Commander William T. Riker: "No. We won't go back. You don't know what it's like in our universe. The Federation's gone, the Borg are everywhere. We're one of the last ships left. Please, you've got to help us."

[Data has brought three cryogenically frozen 20th century humans aboard]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "But Data, they were already dead. I mean, what more could have happened to them?"

[quoting Data about friendship]
Commander William T. Riker: "Our neural pathways have become accustomed to your sensory input patterns."

Lt. Cmdr. Data: "If you prick me, do I not... leak?"

Lt. Cmdr. Data: "That was the stun setting. This is not."

[Troi has shot an arrow into Data's chest]
Lt. Cmdr. Data: "Congratulations, Counselor. I believe your aim is improving."

[Data is attempting to tell a joke]
Lt. Cmdr. Data: "An android, a clone, and a Ferengi walk into a bar..."

[Lt. Jenna D'Sora and Data have just kissed romantically]
Lt. Jenna D'Sora: "What were you just thinking?"
Lt. Cmdr. Data: "In that particular moment, I was reconfiguring the warp field parameters, analyzing the collected works of Charles Dickens, calculating the maximum pressure I could safely apply to your lips, considering a new food supplement for Spot..."
Lt. Jenna D'Sora: "I'm glad I was in there somewhere."

[Lt. Cmdr. Data walks in on Lal kissing Cmdr. Riker]
Lt. Cmdr. Data: "Commander, what are your intentions toward my daughter?"

Lt. Cmdr. Data: "Take my Worf, please."

Lieutenant Worf: "Nepo!"
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "This is mutiny!"

Lt. Cmdr. Data: "If the warp drive fails to activate, the results could be... unfortunate."
Lieutenant Worf: "Very unfortunate. We will be dead."

[Worf has described Ambassador Byleth as demanding, temperamental, and rude]
Lt. Cmdr. Data: "You share all of those qualities in abundance. Perhaps you should try to build on your similarities."

Lt. Cmdr. Data: "He must have died in his sleep."
Lieutenant Worf: "What a terrible way to die."

[the crew are transformed into characters from Robin Hood]
Lieutenant Worf: "Sir, I protest. I am not a Merry Man."

[after Worf temporarily takes command of the Enterprise]
Commander William T. Riker: "How did you like command?"
Lieutenant Worf: "Comfortable chair."

Lieutenant Worf: "I am Klingon. If you doubt it, a demonstration can be arranged."

Lieutenant Worf: "You have never seen death. Then look, and always remember."

Lieutenant Worf: "Swimming is too much like bathing."

[about Vash]
Lieutenant Worf: "Nice legs... for a human."

Lieutenant Worf: "Good tea. Nice house."

Deanna Troi: "I know Klingons like to be alone on their birthdays. You probably want to meditate or hit yourself with a pain stick or something."

Dr. Beverly Crusher: "It is definitely like alcohol intoxication. The same lack of good judgment. For example, right now I find you extremely, extremely... of course we haven't time for that sort of thing."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "What Sort Of Thing?"
Dr. Beverly Crusher: "Oh god, would I love to show you."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Doctor, there must be a cure, some formula. Hu huhuhu hu"
[giggling uncomfortably]

Dr. Beverly Crusher: "If there's nothing wrong with me... there must be something wrong with the universe."

[the crew has disappeared and Beverly is alone on the ship]
Dr. Beverly Crusher: "Computer... read the entire crew roster for The Enterprise."
Computer: "Dr. Beverly Crusher."
Dr. Beverly Crusher: "Have I always been the only member of the crew on the Starship Enterprise?"
Computer: "Affirmative."
Dr. Beverly Crusher: "If this were a bad dream, would you tell me?"
Computer: "That is not a valid question."
Dr. Beverly Crusher: "Like hell it isn't. What is the primary mission of the Starship Enterprise?"
Computer: "To explore the galaxy."
Dr. Beverly Crusher: "Do I have the necessary skills to complete that mission alone?"
Computer: "Negative."
Dr. Beverly Crusher: "Then WHY am I the only crew member?"
Computer: "(beep, squeak, crackle)"
Dr. Beverly Crusher: "Uh-huh. Got you, there."

Wesley Crusher: "He wants the impossible."
Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge: "That's the short definition of 'Captain'."

Commander William T. Riker: "In your position it's important to ask yourself one question: what would Picard do?"
Wesley Crusher: "He'd listen to everyone's opinion and then make his own decision."

[trying to seduce Data]
Lt. Tasha Yar: "You are fully functional, aren't you?"
Lt. Cmdr. Data: "Yes."
Lt. Tasha Yar: "How fully?"
Lt. Cmdr. Data: "I am programmed in multiple techniques of pleasure."
Lt. Tasha Yar: "You jewel. That's exactly what I hoped."

[her posthumous message to Data]
Lt. Tasha Yar: "You see things with the eyes of a child, and that makes you more human than any of us."

Guinan: "Tasha, you're not supposed to be here."
Lt. Natasha Yar: "Where am I supposed to be?"
Guinan: "Dead."

[on Data]
Guinan: "You could learn a lot from this one."
Q: "Sure, the robot who teaches the course in humanities."
Lt. Cmdr. Data: "I am an android, not a robot."
Q: "Oh, beg your pardon."

Guinan: "Well, consider that in the history of many worlds there have always been disposable creatures. They do the dirty work. They do the work that no one else wants to do because it's too difficult or too hazardous. And an army of Datas... all disposable. You don't have to think about their welfare, you don't have to think about how they feel. Whole generations of disposable people."

Guinan: "There'll be others-but every time you feel love, it'll be different. Every time it's different."
Wesley Crusher: "Knowing that doesn't make it any easier."
Guinan: "It's not supposed to."

Counselor Deanna Troi: "Sharing an orbit with God is no small experience."

Ro Laren: "I was wrong. I'm sorry."
Counselor Deanna Troi: "Don't be. You could just as well have been right."

[after an accident, Ro thinks they are dead and some kind of spirits]
Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge: "But... my uniform? My VISOR? Are you saying I'm some blind ghost with clothes?"
Ensign Ro Laren: "I don't have all the answers, I've never been dead before."

Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Paula Shelby: "If you can't make the big decisions, commander, I suggest you make room for someone who can."

[to Geordi]
Scotty: "I was piloting starships when your great-grandfather was in diapers."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "What is it?"
Lt. Cmdr. Data: "There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."
Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge: "Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

The Computer: "This is an emergency communique. It is not to be discussed with fellow officers unless deemed absolutely necessary. There will be no computer record of said transmission."

Q: "Jean-Luc, it's wonderful to see you again. How about a big hug?"
[puts his feet up on Picards desk]
Q: "Well don't just stand there. Say something."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Get out of my chair."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "We must at least appear to be..."
Q: "Pals?"
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Civil."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "I've just been paid a visit from Q."
Commander William T. Riker: "Q? Any idea what he's up to?"
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "He wants to do something nice for me."
[Riker nods]
Commander William T. Riker: "I'll alert the crew."

Q: "Humans. I'd have thought by now you would have scampered back to your own little star system."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "I understand what you've done here, Q. But I think the lesson could have been learned without the loss of 18 members of my crew."
Q: "If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It's wondrous - with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid."

Q: "For that one fraction of a second, you were open to options you had never considered. That is the exploration that awaits you... not mapping stars and studying nebula... but charting the unknown possibilities of existence."

[Picard is in a dream and sees Q]
Q: "Welcome, Picard. You're dead."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "What?"
Q: "You're in Heaven. And I'm God."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "You are NOT God."
Q: "Blasphemy. I ought to smite you down right here."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "The universe isn't THAT badly made."

[to Worf]
Q: "Microbrain. Growl for me. Let me know you still care."

Q: "I have no powers! Q the ordinary."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Q the liar, Q the misanthrope!"
Q: "Q the miserable, Q the desperate! What must I do to convince you people?"
Lieutenant Worf: "Die."
Q: "Oh, very clever, Worf. Eat any good books lately?"

Q: "I'm immortal again. Omnipotent again."
Commander William T. Riker: "Swell."

Q: "Temper, temper, Captain."
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Get off my ship."
Q: "I do so only because it suits me. But I cannot promise not to appear again."

Commander Tomalak: "So, Captain, how long shall we stare at each other across the Neutral Zone?"

[Picard makes a proposal to the Romulan commander]
Commander Tomalak: "Has Starfleet Command approved this arrangement?"
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "No."
Commander Tomalak: "I like it already. Agreed."

[an alien describes what happened to his wife, and her fellow colonists, after an alien attack]
Kevin Uxbridge: "I saw her broken body. I went insane, my hatred exploded. And in an instant of grief... I destroyed the Husnock."
Dr. Crusher: "Why did you try to hide this from all of us? Was it out of guilt for not helping Rishon and the others while they were alive?"
Kevin Uxbridge: "No, no, no, no, no, you don't understand the scope of my crime... I didn't kill just one Husnock, or a hundred, or a thousand. I killed them ALL... All Husnock, everywhere."
[he stands up and faces Picard and Crusher]
Kevin Uxbridge: "Are 11,000 people worth 50 billion? Is the love of a woman worth the destruction of an entire species?"

Armus: "You do not understand. I do not SERVE things evil... I AM EVIL."

[during a poker game with Data, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton]
Prof. Stephen Hawking: "So then I said, 'In that frame of reference the perihelion of Mercury would have preceded in the opposite direction.'"
[Einstein laughs]

[a Cardassian soldier explains why he's helping the resistance]
Joret: "All my life I've served in the military. Once, it was an institution dedicated to the security of Cardassia. Now it's little more than a platform for ambitious Guls hoping to make their reputations in battle. I'm sick of war... my people need peace."

Borg Collective: "Freedom is irrelevant. Resistance is futile."

The Borg: "Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours."

[after the Borg have abducted Picard]
Lieutenant Worf: "Sir. The coordinates they have set. They are on a direct course for Sector 001. The Terran system."
Commander William T. Riker: "Earth..."

The Borg: "Freedom is irrelevant. Self-determination is irrelevant. You must comply."

Locutus: "If you attempt to intervene, we will destroy you."
Commander William T. Riker: "Take your best shot, Locutus, we are about to intervene."

The Borg: "Death is irrelevant. Your archaic cultures are authority-driven. To facilitate our introduction into your societies, it has been decided that a human voice will speak for us in all communications. You have been chosen to be that voice."