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  1. Starsky and Hutch
    A shooting in which two teenage lovers are killed indicates that the intended targets were actually Detectives Starsky and Hutch, when the car the victims were in turns out to match Starksy's. All indications point to a local crime-lord who is awaiting trial being behind the (intended) murders, but when he flatly denies the claims, the duo set out to hunt down the real culprits...

Series 1

  1. Savage Sunday
    An elderly couple plan to protest the conditions at their retirement home by blowing up city hall, but their car is stolen by two hapless street thugs with the bomb still ticking away in the trunk. Starsky and Hutch are called upon to save the day, although not the Chevy, with some fancy driving and an impressive last minute leap from the flaming vehicle. The would-be bombers are not only let off scott-free, but the boys help convince the mayor to fix up the home and chip in for a chinese/soul-food banquet besides.
  2. Texas Longhorn
    A pair of thugs rob a used-car dealer, Zack Tyler, and then rape and murder his young wife.
  3. Death Ride
    The boys set out to protect the daughter of a big time hood who's about to rat on some of his more dangerous friends and end up on a cross state chase to get her safely on a plane out of the country. One taxi, one van and a cornfield later they discover that the lady they've been protecting is actually a policewoman and they've been used as decoys to catch a leak in Captain Dobey's office.
  4. Snowstorm
    Starsky and Hutch are suspected by both the good guys (department higher-ups) and the bad guys (drug dealer and gourmand Stryker, who was responsible for Dobey's partner's death) of making off with a suitcase full of captured cocaine. Turns out to be the other cops who were in on the bust who are actually working both sides of the street and playing them against the department and the drug lord. This episode also features the incredible dissapearing dalmation who saves the boys lives just by sitting on the sidewalk.
  5. The Fix
    Mobsters seeking information about Hutch's latest squeeze, who just so happens to be the ex of a major underworld boss, kidnap him and inject him with heroin. He escapes, but not before he has become dependent on the drug and Starsky must nurse him through withdrawal while simultaneously catching the bad guys.
  6. Death Notice
    An immigrant, afraid of being caught by the "phone cops", tries to warn strippers at a nightclub of the threats he's heard against them over his illegal telephone. Unfortunately, his warnings are taken as threats and he becomes the prime suspect in the killings. Of course, it all works out and the boys sing David Soul's "Black Bean Soup" at the end of the episode.
  7. Pariah
    Madman George Prudholm is a trifle miffed that his son was knifed to death in a jail cell after Starsky busted him, so he blackmails our hero into a confrontation at yet another deserted zoo by randomly killing police officers. Starsky, of course, survives.
  8. Kill Huggy Bear
    Huggy unwisely accepts mob money mistakenly stolen by a friend. Before he can return it to its unlawful owners, he is targetted as the thief and Starsky and Hutch must straighten out the misunderstanding before their buddy sleeps with the fishes. Huggy, of course, survives.
  9. The Bait
    A woman arrested for heroin possession is asked to help trap an elusive drug dealer.
  10. Lady Blue
    Starsky's recent ex was a good cop up until a few weeks before she was found murdered. The boys discover that she had gone undercover as a cocktail waitress to track down a psycho who liked to "take out" pretty girls in sparkly costumes. After a few false leads, the reset buttons on the girls car radios lead them to Captain Jim of the Airwaves, a recently released paranoid whose wrapping himself in tinfoil doesn't quite keep out the voices telling him to do bad things. A final fall from a radio tower takes care of the problem nicely in the end.
  11. Captain Dobey, You're Dead
    Dobey's family is terrorized when an ex-cop he helped convict is released from prison.
  12. Terror on the Docks
    Nancy Blake's mom doesn't really approve of her engagement to Billy Desmond, but her childhood friend Hutch agrees to give her away at their wedding anyway. That is, until a trail of folded gum wrappers leads straight from a ring of dockside thieves to the groom-to-be by way of Nancy's office invoice records. After the usual round of gunplay and fistfights, along with an unintended dunking for Starsk, the wedding is called off, but Mrs. Blake still manages to have a little fun with that $140 cake in the end.
  13. Deadly Imposter
    An old academy buddy of our heores shows up with a story about being presumed dead in a POW camp and asks them to help him find his ex-wife. They are only too happy to help out an old friend, but when they locate the woman she's never seen him before. Turns out she's the wife of a big gangland witness about to testify and buddy boy is the hired gun. Of course, Starsky and Hutch figure out the game just in the nick of time and the former friend is brought to justice.
  14. Shootout
    Scenes from an Italian Restaurant: It started out as just another dinner together after a long night interrogating suspects, but when a couple of hitmen intent on taking out a mob big shot decide to take over the diner, Starsky takes a bullet in the back and Hutch must keep the trigger-happy gunman and his boss from killing everyone in the place along with his intended victim.
  15. The Hostages
    An armored car driver is forced to help rob all the businesses on his route by a group of kidnappers who are holding his pregnant wife. Starsky and Hutch go undercover at one of the stops to nab the baddies, and a kindhearted kidnapper helps keep the woman safe.
  16. Losing Streak
    A jazz pianist unknowingly endangers his life by stealing counterfeit money from a syndicate-connected club owner.
  17. Silence
    A mute resident of a halfway house for ex-cons is suspected of a rash of robberies.
  18. Omaha Tiger
    The detectives become involved in the wild world of professional wrestling when the supposedly accidental death of a concessioneer is shown to be motivated, as usual, by greed.
  19. JoJo
    Starsky and Hutch try to put away a rapist with a thing for orange spraypaint by convinceing his frightened victims to testify against him. Meanwhile, evil higher-ups in thier own department are trying to get him released in order to nab a ring of drug suppliers.
  20. Running
    Starsky's gradeschool friend-turned-supermodel turns up as a down and out alcoholic, who he insists on helping while trying to solve a homicide.
  21. A Coffin for Starsky
    A masked man with an evil laugh sneaks into Starsky's apartment in the middle of the night and injects him with a slow acting poison. The partners spend what may be his last 24 hours trying to track down the would be assasin from among all the low lifes he's put away over the years. Of course, Starsky survives.
  22. Bounty Hunter
    Jerry Konig is a firebug. He likes to set fires, but now he's stolen something that belonged to some not-so-nice people and he's in trouble. So he fakes his own death in one of his fires to avoid being roasted for real.

Series 2

  1. The Las Vegas Strangler
    As the title implies, the boys hit the strip to find a killer who likes to pick on showgirls. Much action ensues and our heroes are big winners in the end.
  2. Murder at Sea
    S&H meet The Love Boat, complete with a boatful of washed up guest stars. Our intrepid heores go undercover yet again as entertainers Hack and Zack on a cruise ship full of guest stars playing silly character bits. This time they are investigating a drug/murder case, which they, of course, solve at the last possible moment after running the length of the ship in skin tight bell bottoms carring a bomb slung between them.
  3. Gillian
    Hutch unwittingly falls for a call girl.
  4. Nightlight
    Starsky and Hutch are after a narcotics dealer who's supplying young prostitutes.
  5. The Vampire
    In one of the cheesier attempts at a halloween episode, the boys investigate a crippled dance instructor who is suspected of murdering his students who moonlight as strippers. The suspects creepy obsession with his dead wife and his ability to fly across the rooftops lead them to suspect that he's a vampire.
  6. The Specialist
    Paranoid, a retired secret agent pegs Starsky and Hutch as his would-be assassins.
  7. Tap Dancing Their Way Back Into Your Hearts
    Starsky and Hutch pose as dancers to trip up an extortion ring operating out of a plush Hollywood dancing studio.
  8. Vendetta
    Hutch is trailed by the henchmen of a skid-row character suspected of assault and murder.
  9. Nightmare
    Starsky and Hutch capture a rapist, but the retarded victim's testimony may be inadmissible in court.
  10. Iron Mike
    Starsky and Hutch decide to investigate an apparent tie between a police captain and an underworld kingpin.
  11. Little Girl Lost
    Christmas is a nightmare for a skid-row child whose criminal father is murdered by his partners.
  12. Bloodbath
    Vengeful cultists kidnap Starsky, whoarrested their leader.
  13. The Psychic
    A psychic helps Starsky and Hutch locate a kidnaped girl.
  14. The Set-Up (Part I)
    The leader of a crime ring brainwashes his victims into committing murder.
  15. The Set-Up (Part II)
  16. Survival
    Hutch is trapped in his car near death, the victim of a hit man hired to prevent his appearance in court.
  17. Revenge
    A killer holds Starsky responsible for the death of his son, and takes revenge by shooting Starsky's fiancee.
  18. Huggy Bear and Turkey
    In this ill-advised attempt to create a spin-off for Huggy Bear, he is paired up with J.D. Turquet to investigate a missing husband.
  19. The Committee
    After Starsky shoots an accused rapist, who was free on bail, he's suspected of being part of a vigilante group.
  20. The Velvet Jungle
    A murder investigation uncovers an illegal-alien smuggling operation.
  21. Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road
    A deranged murderer hounds a singer whom he blames for an incident in which he was stabbed.
  22. Murder on Stage 17
    A comic believed dead assumes disguises to murder the actors he blames for ruining his career.
  23. Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty
    To discredit Starsky and Hutch's testimony, a lawyer hires lookalikes to go on a crime spree.

Series 3

  1. Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island
    A drama about voodoo and a crooked occultist.
  2. Fatal Charm
    A possessive young woman becomes murderous after Hutch tries to end their relationship.
  3. I Love You, Rosey Malone
    A gangster's daughter is wary of a romance with Starsky.
  4. Murder Ward
    Undercover as patient and orderly, Starsky and Hutch investigate deaths at a rundown mental hospital.
  5. Death in a Different Place
    Starsky's childhood friend is found dead in a sleazy hotel patronized by gays.
  6. The Crying Child
    Starsky and Hutch try to save a battered child from further parental abuse.
  7. The Heroes
    A reporter (Karen Carlson) writes an unfavorable article about Starsky and Hutch.
  8. The Plague (Part I)
    Starsky and Hutch race time to find the hitman infected with a deadly virus. To obtain an antitoxin,Starsky offers immunity to the criminal carrying the virus that has infected Hutch and a boy.
  9. The Plague (Part II)
  10. The Collector
    A vicious loan shark hires a psychopath as a collector.
  11. Manchild on the Streets
    A boy teams with a thief to revenge the death of his father, mistakenly killed by a cop.
  12. The Action
    Starsky and Hutch set out to avenge a friend beaten when he stopped paying off a crooked gambler.
  13. The Heavyweight
    A boxer's life is threatened when he refuses to throw a fight for a vicious hood.
  14. A Body Worth Guarding
    Hutch falls for the Soviet ballerina he is assigned to guard.
  15. The Trap
    A girl is trapped with Starsky and Hutch in a barn about to be set ablaze by an ex-con.
  16. Satan's Witches
    Vacationing in the woods, Starsky and Hutch run into a coven of Satanists.
  17. Class in Crime
    Hutch investigates a college professor who teaches a course on the "philosophy of crime."
  18. Hutchinson for Murder One
    Hutch becomes the prime suspect after his ex-wife is murdered in his apartment.
  19. Foxy Lady
    A con artist tries to outwit both gangsters and Starsky and Hutch to keep stolen cash.
  20. Partners
    chase after robbery suspects ends in a crash that leaves Hutch with amnesia.
  21. Quadromania
    A crippled madman dons disguises to kill the cabdrivers he blames for the ruin of his stage career.
  22. Deckwatch
    Hutch poses as a paramedic to apprehend a wounded killer holding hostages.

Series 4

  1. Discomania
    A policewoman is asked to help Starsky and Hutch trap a serial killer who picks up women in a disco.
  2. The Game
    Starsky learns that Hutch has botulism, but is unable to locate him.
  3. Blindfold
    Guilt overwhelms Starsky when a young woman is blinded during a shoot-out.
  4. Photo Finish
    A contract killer threatens the life of a female photographer.
  5. Moonshine
    Starsky and Hutch discover that a charming Southern girl and her father are bootlegging moonshine whiskey.
  6. Strange Justice
    A top-notch lieutenant, incensed by his daughter's rape, takes the law into his own hands.
  7. The Avenger
    A woman claims that a jealous acquaintance is responsible for the murders of her male companions.
  8. Dandruff
    Starsky and Hutch go undercover at a plush hotel to head off a jewel heist.
  9. Black and Blue
    Starsky teams with a policewoman to nab ghetto youths who shot Hutch.
  10. The Groupie
    Eager to meet some cops, a young woman involves herself in a garment-industry racketeering case assigned to Starsky and Hutch.
  11. Cover Girl
    A model who thinks she's dying arranges to be killed - then discovers that her disease is in remission.
  12. Starsky's Brother
    Starsky learns that his brother, Nick, is involved in drug dealing.
  13. Golden Angel
    A wrestler is threatened with death if he goes on with a match.
  14. Ballad for a Blue Lady
    Hutch is involved with a blues singer whose brother has underworld connections.
  15. Birds of a Feather
    A veteran cop seeks vengeance on hoods who pocketed his wife's life savings.
  16. Ninety Pounds of Trouble
    A teen-ager's crush begins to compromise Starsky's cover.
  17. Huggy Can't Go Home
    Captain Dobey fears Starsky and Hutch are going soft on Huggy, who is implicated in a murder.
  18. Targets Without a Badge [Part I]
    Starsky and Hutch use the services of an informer to incriminate a judge who deals in drugs.
  19. Targets Without a Badge [Part II]
    After resigning from the force, Starsky and Hutch discover that the father of Starsky's friend is being blackmailed and that there is a link between Starsky's friend and the crooked judge.
  20. Starsky vs. Hutch
    Starsky and Hutch's jealous quarrel over a policewoman hinders a murder investigation.
  21. Sweet Revenge
    Starsky lies dying in a hospital and Hutch vows revenge on the man who ordered his death.