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Starsky & Hutch


[Starsky's car has a time bomb]
Det. Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson: "GET HIM THE HELL OUT O' HERE!"
[drives car, checks watch]
Det. Dave Starsky: "Come on, for ONCE be fast...!"

[Starsky, Capt. Dolby, and Huggy Bear are deciphering the message from Hutch's abductors]
Huggy Bear: "The zoo!"
Capt. Harold Dobey: "Which is where YOU belong!"
[a little more deciphering]
Det. Dave Starsky: "Hutch is being held at the LA Zoo!"
[Starsky & Capt. Dolby rush out]
Huggy Bear: "Don't thank ME..."

Capt. Harold Dobey: "Starsky, about this report, it reads like a comic book: 'The fiery Torino sped into the street and we spilled into action.'"