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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Protect And Survive
    Brogan's informant Slik Ostrasky is murdered by Tylan Gershom, a smuggler of illegal Xyronite immigrants, and the only witness is slimy Melazoid business executive Armand Loyster. Brogan and Haldane are assigned to offer Loyster protection until he can testify at Gershom's trial. But Gershom plans to ensure that Loyster never reaches the courtroom...
  2. The Snake
    An alien extortionist and explosives expert, known only as The Snake, threatens the executives of Brett Interplanetary. Precinct 88 becomes a task force to track him down and Jane becomes reacquainted with her old ECPF colleague Bill Gray. Then the Snake reveals his next target - the Princess, an Omega Class tanker en route to Altor with two hundred million gallons of liquefied hydrogen!
  3. Time To Kill
    A routine sweep on a counterfeiting operation goes horribly wrong for the officers of Precinct 88 when they are suddenly attacked by an unstoppable Cyborg and Took is caught in the crossfire. The Cyborg has Brogan marked for death and, one by one, Brogan's colleagues fall victim to the creature...
  4. Predator And Prey
    Following the death of an officer from the 79th Precinct in Demeter's most fashionable nightclub, Brogan and Haldane are teamed with Lt. Verro Walker in a search for a serial killer. Walker is a loose cannon, but may hold the key to the killings when Jane discovers similarities with a string of mysterious homicides that took place nearly a hundred years before!
  5. Body & Soul
    Caught in the radiation field of Merlin's Asteroid, a prototype spaceship created by recluse industrialist Alden Humes returns to Altor after being lost in space for twenty years. Brogan finds a body on board, opening an investigation into a homicide that took place two decades ago. As he tracks down the killer, Brogan is haunted by the ghost in the machine...
  6. Deadline
    Brogan and Haldane discover a capsule containing the body of a Tarn male. The autopsy reveals that the tarn is missing vital organs, removed with surgical precision, and Brogan and Haldane find themselves on the trail of organ leggers from Danae - vicious killers who murder for profit and target Brogan as their next donor!
  7. Enforcer
    On Skall Street in Demeter City, members of the infamous Hydra Gang are found dead - their hearts shredded but not a single mark on their bodies! Accompanied by an orphaned alien girl, a new enforcer has taken over and the Skall Street traders soon discover that the Hydras have been replaced by something far worse.
  8. Two Against The Rock
    Haldane and Jane escort Houdini, the most notorious escape artist on Altor, to Asteroid A5 - the maximum security penitentiary known as "The Rock". But on their arrival at the asteroid, the two officers are horrified to discover that the prisoners have taken over and mass murderer Eric Volker is the new warden...
  9. Seek And Destroy
    With the discovery of Aladine-50, a vaccine against creon fever, the importation of Earth dogs is all the rage in Demeter. Then three executives of Demeter Dogs Inc. are killed in mysterious circumstances and Brogan uncovers a plot that heralds an invasion of Altor by the Omera, an army of nomadic alien killers!
  10. Double Duty
    A drug war is raging in Demeter City and a professional assassin is taking out the competition. The sole survivor of an attack on drug baron Oturi Nissim is a pretty alien girl, Aleesha Amyas, who is taken into protective custody. Suddenly the killer is loose in the Space Precinct House and Orrin is its first victim...
  11. The Power
    Jane and Took are assigned to protect a shipment of Luxorian Ice, a vital part of Solartek's new solar power system which offers a safe alternative to hyper fusion. Meanwhile, Brogan and Haldane investigate the death of reformed jewel thief Vella Sugoi and discover a connection that leads to a deadly struggle for control of Demeter's lucrative energy franchise...
  12. Takeover
    When Brogan and Haldane are accused of the cold-blooded murder of Naxus Simi and subjected to an Internal Affairs investigation, the officers' reliability as prosecution witnesses in a case against crime boss Vanus Olvera is called into question. But Brogan and Haldane find there is far more at stake when Jane gives damning evidence against them...
  13. Hate Street
    An outbreak of race riots and hate crimes against Xyronite immigrants is being co-ordinated by Burl Flak, wanted for murder on Danae. Brogan and Haldane are assigned to find Flak and stop the killings, but their investigations are hampered by the appearance of Erika Brandt, a bounty hunter intent on claiming the price on Flak's head, who just happens to be one of Brogan's old flames...
  14. The Witness
    Small-time crooks are turning up dead on the streets of Demeter City and a search begins for prime suspect Mas Maharg, spotted at the scene of the second murder by Romek's new partner Morgan. Then Fredo's daughter Estes is taken ill and Brogan realises that she has been picking up the killer's thoughts with her paramental eye...
  15. Friends
    When computer hacker Reeve Pataki is taken into custody at the Precinct 88 station house, his resourceful friends in the Karel Tarik Brigade infiltrate the station's mainframe to arrange his escape. Their attempt fails, so the KTB resort to kidnapping, holding Jane hostage aboard a derelict space platform. If Pataki is not released within one hour, Jane will die!
  16. Flash (aka "Blue Hell")
    A new drug, HE-11 (also known as "Flash"), has arrived on the streets of Demeter causing spontaneous combustion in its users. While Brogan and Haldane visit Interchem, the pharmaceutical company which originally developed the drug, Orrin and Beezle run into trouble when Interchem's chief chemist, Pola Vad Moonacki, is kidnapped.
  17. Smelter Skelter
    Sally and Liz are violently threatened during an armed robbery at the Jewellery Centre and Brogan takes a personal interest in tracking down the culprits. His investigations lead him to mining operator Alvin Zann, who plans a daring raid on the orbiting Bank Of Altor with a small beam accelerator - an unstoppable weapon capable of punching a hole in the very fabric of the universe!
  18. The Fire Within - Part One
    Pyrist priest Tendall Kalike dies by spontaneous combustion during a ceremony at the Pyrist Temple and the event is witnessed by Took on her first visit to the Temple as a Seeker. Brogan and Castle search for evidence that points to Kalike's death being homicide and suspicion falls on fellow priest Nevik Brok. Teamed with Podly's daughter Samina, Haldane goes undercover at the Pyrist Temple to discover the truth...
  19. The Fire Within - Part Two
    Samina disappears, Haldane resigns from the force to join the Pyrists and a power struggle amongst the priests leads to a third death at the Temple. Then a witness comes forward who claims that Haldane has murdered Samina, and Podly is forced to issue a warrant for Haldane's arrest as the Pyrists prepare for the Day of Immolation - the end of the world!
  20. The Forever Beetle
    Pteronarcys Eternicum, a rare beetle capable of cell regeneration, is stolen from Dexkor Laboratories. Brogan and Haldane are assigned to the case and suspect that the theft may be an inside job. But Brogan is preoccupied with nailing drugs dealer Amory Wolf whom he believes is responsible for the death of Tommy Murphy, his oldest friend. Meanwhile, Jane and Took have a run-in with local hero Thunder Cole...
  21. Divided We Stand (aka "Mob Wars", "Carbon Copy")
    Jane and Took investigate the theft of a tarn egg-sac from Demeter Memorial Hospital while Brogan and Haldane are assigned to the protection of underworld crime boss Vinny Artak, who is running for city council. When Artak is gunned down in front of them, Brogan and Haldane find themselves under investigation and learn that Vinny Artak just won't stay dead...
  22. Illegal
    Tildon Alreeuh, an illegal immigrant from Sagania, saves Brogan's life in a shooting incident, and Brogan learns that his saviour's son, Nillim, is being held by snuff fight promoter Coe Barner. With immigration officials breathing down their necks, the officers of Precinct 88 go undercover at one of Barner's bouts to rescue Nillim, but Brogan soon finds himself fighting for his life...
  23. Deathwatch (aka "Graveyard")
    The arrival on Altor of a mysterious meteor fragment heralds the start of strange events at Roetem Towers on Krazucki Street where residents are being terrorised into relocation. As Jane and Took look into the disappearance of an alien farmer, Brogan and Haldane find their investigations at Roetem Towers blocked by Military Intelligence, and Brogan realises that something is going on at the apartment building that threatens all life on Altor.
  24. Deathwatch Conclusion (aka "Graveyard II")
    After Major Graffa is possessed by the alien meteor found buried beneath Roetem Towers, Captain Weldon steals the meteor fragment that landed at Butler's farm and goes AWOL. She kidnaps Brogan to enlist his help in recovering the meteor from Graffa, but Carson learns that the meteor is a parasitic alien seed and the meteor fragment is a spore to fertilise it - bringing them together will destroy all life on Altor!