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  • The series was created by Gerry Anderson, who also made "Supercar", "Fireball XL5", "Stingray", "Thunderbirds", "Captain Scarlet", "Joe 90", "UFO", "The Protectors", "Space: 1999", and "Terrahawks".

  • The pilot for this series, produced in 1986, was called "Space Police" (also known as "Star Laws"). It starred Gerry Anderson regular Shane Rimmer as Lt. Chuck Brogan and Catherine Chevalier as his partner, Officer Cathy Costello. It was never broadcast.

  • The series was shot 16:9 anamorphic on Super 16 film to "future-proof" it, but then entirely post-produced in 4:3 "centre cut-out", effectively chopping off vast chunks from the edges of the image. No widescreen versions, or even letterbox versions, were ever made.

  • Lack of American syndication / network sales forced the show's cancellation after only one season.

  • Ted Shackelford (Patrick Brogan) played Gary Ewing in "Knots Landing", and "Dallas".

  • Rob Youngblood (Jack Haldane) played Dave Erickson in "Melrose Place".