Magnum, p.i.
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Magnum, p.i.


Name: Thomas Sullivan Magnum III
Actor: Tom Selleck

Ex-Vietnam veteran. Earns a living as a Private Investigator. Lives in the guest house on the Masters estate.

Name: Jonathan Quayle Higgins III
Actor: John Hillerman

Manages the Masters estate, and lives in the main house.

Name: Theodore Calvin "TC"
Actor: Roger E. Mosley

Ex-Vietnam veteran. Used to fly helicopters during the war, now flies tourists around the islands.

Name: "Rick" Orville Wilbour Wright
Actor: Larry Manetti

Ex-Vietnam veteran.

Name: Robin Masters
Voice: Orson Welles

Owner of the estate, Ferrari etc. Never seen.

Name: Zeus & Apollo

Highly trained gaurd dogs, that follow Higgins around the Masters estate.

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