Magnum, p.i.
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Magnum, p.i.


  • Although the on-screen title was always 'Magnum p.i.', the series is quite often billed as simply 'Magnum'.

  • Tom Selleck's prior commitment to the series forced him to turn down the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). However, production on the series was slated to start in May of 1980, but was delayed by an actors' strike. When the series finally went into production a few months later, "Raiders" had just completed filming. Although this time period would have allowed Selleck to do the movie, Harrison Ford had already been cast in the film by the time the actors' strike began. (The 1988 episode "Legend of the Lost Art" served as a "Raiders" parody, with Magnum dressed up as Indiana Jones.)

  • On Magnum's navy uniform, one can see the blue and white ribbon for the navy cross, as well as the naval special warfare insignia. This means he earned the nation's second highest award for naval personnel and was a SEAL.

  • The design shown during the closing credits comes from Magnum's ring.

  • Tom Selleck is a big Detroit Tigers baseball fan. Several episodes feature references to the Tigers. When they won the World Series during the run of the show, they were tentative plans to film an episode in the Detroit area but those plans were scrapped.

  • Magnum's trademark Detroit Tigers baseball cap was worn by Tom Selleck in homage to his hometown team.

  • In the episode "Paper War" while Magnum and Higgins are trapped in the elevator, Magnum accuses Higgins of being Robin Masters and the unseen writer is an actor which Magnum suggests is Orson Welles. An inside joke since Orson Welles does indeed provide the voice of Robin Masters

  • In "Operation: Silent Night" Episode: #4.10 - 15 December 1983, the destroyer shown is the USS Wren (DD 568) which was scrapped in 1975.

  • Magnum was killed off at the end of the 1986-87 season because producers thought the show had been cancelled. When it was renewed, Magnum spent the first episode or two as a ghost and was brought back to life. Die-hard fans contend there is evidence throughout the final season that indicates Magnum never came back to life at all, and they point to clues in the final episode, such as the revelation of Robin Masters' identity (contradicting evidence in earlier episodes), Magnum's instant changing into a Navy uniform and haircut, and the fact Magnum is seen with what might be his dead daughter in the final scene. An alternate point of view contends that Magnum is killed for real in the final episode, and that the last scenes take place 'in Heaven'.

  • Although there were references to Steve McGarett and Hawaii Five-O during the run of this series, McGarrett was never shown. "Hawaii Five-O" (1968) ceased production the same year this show began production (1980).

  • Used the same soundstage in Hawaii as "Hawaii 5-0"

  • The name of Rick's club was the King Kamehameha Club.

  • T.C. always referred to Higgins as "Higgy Baby".

  • In addition to playing Magnum, Tom Selleck also played Kelly Garret’s boyfriend Dr Alan Samuelson in the first season of Charlie’s Angels.