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Episode Guide

Series 1

  1. Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii
    Magnum's best friend Dan Cook is accused of smuggling Cocaine after he died during a dubious transaction.
  2. China Doll
    Mai Ling asks Magnum to take care of a precious vase for her antiquary store. Suddenly, T.C is beaten and Mai Ling gets kidnapped...
  3. Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones, Too
    This is our first Christmas with TM. The new painting in Masters' house is a Gauguin worth 2 million Marks. A group of five school girls from Vermont call Magnum to seek for their teacher they lost. Her name is Ms. Linda Booten, she is an Art teacher with a Masters Degree from Brown Univ., and is a Phi Beta Kappa. But the girls are only interested in the painting...
  4. No Need to Know
    Higgins' old commander vacations at Robin's Nest. But he's also being hunted by the I.R.A.
  5. Skin Deep
    A woman kills herself with a rifle the same way like in the book of her next film. She parted from her friend David Norman who thinks, she parted because of a new lover. He believes she was murdered, so he calls Magnum.
  6. Never Again, Never Again
    Magnum tries to help two survivors of the holocaust when they become targets of unrepentant Nazis.
  7. The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii
    Mrs. Marston's expensive dog Algie is in danger of getting kidnapped. Magnum has to work for his security during the 4 weeks of quarantine.
  8. Missing in Action
    Laura, a singer currently working for the K.K.C., sees in visions her lover who is Missing In Action. She searches for him in Hawaii.
  9. Lest We Forget
    Judge Robert Caine hires Magnum to find a woman who Caine married in 1941, because she is blackmailing him.
  10. The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club
    The King Kamehameha-Club has got money problems. At this moment, a Kahunacurses the Club and everything goes wrong - a man dies on the beach, the kitchen burns, Rick gets ill...
  11. Thicker Than Blood
    T.C. is in trouble after misunderstood sense of duty.
  12. All Roads Lead to Floyd
    Magnum searches for the father of Cindy Lewellyn. But Cindy isn't the only one who wants to find Floyd...
  13. Adelaide
    Adelaide Malone's expensive horse Norman is in danger.
  14. Don't Say Goodbye
    An unknown tries to blackmail the blind woman called Agatha Kimball. Also, a murder takes place...
  15. The Black Orchid
    Christie deBould's sister Louise, wife of the rich and jealous W. Jackson, likes to play adventurous games and uses Magnum for them. When Magnumwants to stop her games, she does everything to go on.
  16. J. "Digger" Doyle
    Somebody wants to prevent the release of Robin Masters' new novel. Masters engages Joy "Digger" Doyle to save his work. Magnum is jealous...
  17. Beauty Knows No Pain
    Barbara Terranova's soon-husband is lost. She has no more money, so she makes a deal with Magnum: He searches for her husband and she coaches Magnum for the Iron Man contest.

Series 2

  1. Billy Joe Bob
    Billy Joe, a cowboy from Texas, searches for his sister Carol Ann. When he finds that she has been murdered, Billy Joe desperately wants to find her murderer.
  2. Dead Man's Channel
    The young biologist Marion Hammond misses her father who didn't come back from a boat-trip to the Nihoa-Channel. Magnum investigates…
  3. The Woman on the Beach
    Rick's new girlfriend Sara - Just a Phantom?
  4. From Moscow to Maui
    Magnum becomes involved with a defected Soviet pilot, a Soviet Olympic track star, and the K.G.B.
  5. Memories are Forever
    One night, Magnum dreams of Michelle. The next morning he sees her on a yacht in the harbour…
  6. Tropical Madness
    Magnum only gets refusals from the beautiful Jennifer. She is fond of Higgins instead. Magnum thinks that there must be something wrong and he examines her background. Soon he steps into problems...
  7. Wave Goodbye
    When Magnum's friend Kacy is found murdered on the beach he determinedly tracks down her killer.
  8. Mad Buck Gibson
    Buck Gibson, an old friend of Robin's and a legend for his early novels and macho lifestyle, arrives in Hawaii. It becomes Magnum's lot to protect the hell-raiser from himself.
  9. The Taking of Dick McWilliams
    Magnum's old friend Dick McWilliams is kidnapped. His Wife Mitsu wants to pay the $500.000 ransom without telling her greedy father. Magnum should deliver the money…
  10. The Sixth Position
    Magnum acts as a bodyguard for one of the best female ballet dancers.
  11. Ghost Writer
    Virginia Fowler, a successful ghost writer, writes a biography for the mad millionaire Harold Faber. Somebody tries to suppress that, so she takes Magnum as her guard.
  12. The Jororo Kill
    An assassin dressed like a nun blows up a car in southern France. Kate Sullivan, a friend of Magnum's and a former war reporter, hunts the big story.
  13. Computer Date
    Lady Ashley wants to visit Higgins. He wants to lose weight to be in better shape. Magnum wants to coach him. Magnum searches for a spy in the marketing section of a big firm. He notices that somebody illegal has access to the firm's computer system. Also, the firm's manager wants Magnum to shade his wife, whom he thinks has a lover...
  14. Try To Remember
    While investigating a case, Magnum has a car accident and awakes lying in intensive care. He can't remember what happened - and police found his Detoit Tigers cap next to a murdered body…
  15. Italian Ice
    Magnum flies to Sicily at the request of Robin to rescue the daughter of a friend. She becomes enamoured with Thomas and takes her desire to a deadly extreme.
  16. One More Summer
    Magnum wants to protect his old friend and football player Dorsey from murder, so he joins the team, which is in Hawaii for training. But the murderer doesn't give up…
  17. Texas Lightning
    Jeannie Lowry takes Magnum as a bodyguard to a high-stakes poker game at sea.
  18. Double Jeopardy
    A film team shoots a movie at Robin's estate. Magnum agrees to be a stuntman, after he learns that his co-actor is Olivia Ross.
  19. The Last Page
    Magnum is hired by a Vietnam War veteran presumably to locate his girlfriend. In truth, the veteran is after a different target.
  20. The Elmo Ziller Story
    A cowboy appears with the same face as Higgins'. His name is Elmo Ziller and he works in a Rodeo Show. Elmo is a half-brother of Higgins. According to his daughter Lexi, Elmo is pursued by killers…
  21. Three Minus Two
    Jan Kona organizes a fashion-exhibition. She fears to be the next victim after the death of her business-partner Alan.

Series 3

  1. Did You See the Sunrise?
    Magnum and T. C. put their lives on the line to help an old Navy buddy who firmly believes the trio is marked for death by an enemy from the war.
  2. Ki'i's Don't Lie
    A benefit auction takes place at Robin's Nest. Magnum has to keep an eye on the expensive goods.
  3. The Eighth Part of The Village
    Magnum has to carry a box of books for Higgins from harbour to Masters' estate. But when Magnum arrives, a Japanese woman comes out of the box. She is called Asani Osawa, daughter of Sato Osawa who is an old friend of Higgins'. Mr. Osawa banned her because she wanted to marry an American.
  4. Past Tense
    T. C. and Higgins are kidnapped in the Island Hopper. The kidnappers force T. C. to use the chopper to break their boss out of prison. Thomas and Rick investigate.
  5. Black on White
    Someone is killing the members of Higgins' old regiment who were together in Kenya in the 50s. Magnum tries to protect him.
  6. Flashback
    Magnum "awakes" in another world - Hawaii 1936. He works for Brenda McCutchen who wants to free her father from murder accusations. Magnum's dream becomes kind of true…
  7. Foiled Again
    Higgins is accused of murder, but Magnum helps him to prove his innocence.
  8. Mr. White Death
    Magnum assists a pro wrestler to find his estranged son.
  9. Mixed Doubles
    Magnum works as a bodyguard for a miseducated young tennis-player.
  10. Almost Home
    Bridget Archer wants to bury the ashes of her father over the Arizona Memorial. The Navy doesn't want this, because her father Miles Archer was not on the Arizona (although on duty), when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour.
  11. Heal Thyself
    A surgeon and former Army nurse, friend of Magnum's, is accused of murder. Thomas takes-on the case.
  12. Of Sound Mind
    Wilson MacLeish, a mad multi-millionaire, appears to die in a plane crash. He recorded his testimony on video tape. Every worker for him gets money, but his family members only get "useless" stuff. Magnum inherits the entire fortune! The family is not pleased about that, and MacLeish tells Magnum on a second video, that this death had been a murder... Magnum has to find the murderer in the family.
  13. The Arrow That is Not Aimed
    Magnum is under pressure. A Samurai will be killed unless Magnum finds a precious plate.
  14. Basket Case
    The best player and only girl on Magnum's Basketball-team seems to have a secret…
  15. Birdman of Budapest
    Robin Masters' former teacher comes for a visit. Higgins isn't pleased about her.
  16. I Do?
    To camouflage, Magnum "marries" the daughter of a C. E. O., so he can go where he wants in that firm and investigate...
  17. Forty Years From Sand Island
    Higgins lies in hospital after having an accident. Somebody manipulated the brakes of the Ferrari…
  18. Legacy From a Friend
    Magnum investigates the death of his friend and volleyball partner Marcus after Marcus's battered body is discovered in the surf.
  19. Two Birds of a Feather
    A customized plane crashes in Robin's tidal pool. The pilot, Sam Houston Hunter, befriends Magnum.
  20. ...By Its Cover
    An old friend of Magnum's seems to be a drug dealer...
  21. The Big Blow
    Two prisoners on the run come into the house of Robin Masters…
  22. Faith and Begorrah
    Father Patty McGuinness, an impoverished Irish priest who is Higgins' illegitimate half-brother, turns up on Oahu. But it's not really by chance.

Series 4

  1. Home From the Sea
    Magnum survives in the sea by remembering his swim-practice with his dad.
  2. Luther Gillis: File #521
    Magnum is searching for Nancy Perkins when he meets Private Investigator Luther Gillis who has his own methods of work...
  3. Smaller Than Life
    Rick has got problems with a friend from the past.
  4. Distant Relative
    Magnum chaperones Rick's little sister one night around Honolulu. But the worst happens.
  5. Limited Engagement
    Magnum investigates a series of robberies in a grocery store chain, posing as a store clerk.
  6. Letter to a Duchess
    Lady Wilkerson, widow of the late Duke of Whitt, comes to Hawaii. Higgins is taken with her. But she is attracted to Magnum. She is kidnapped and Thomas and Higgins set out to rescue her.
  7. Squeeze Play
    Robin Masters loses his signed Picasso, expensive old wine and other things in a poker game to a card shark. Then he bets the estate, his Hawaiian house, on a victory by his softball team. Magnum searches for Jerome Kappelwitz, the ex-husband of one of his team mates. Jerome is a former professional baseball player.
  8. A Sense of Debt
    Magnum flies to Detroit to look for someone who debts money to T.C., and of course to watch the Detroit Tigers. Meanwhile, Magnum lent the Ferrari to T.C. who collides with a man who is a boxer. T.C. has got to fight the last two fights for him because the man would lose all his money if his contract isn't completed.
  9. The Look
    Magnum hears Holly Hudson alias Holly Fox on local radio station KTDE. He remembers her voice from Radio Vietnam. She is terrified by a perverted caller.
  10. Operation: Silent Night
    Magnum, Higgins, T.C. and Rick are stranded on an island because the helicopter broke. It seems that they have to celebrate Christmas there. A rough Navy officer wants to use that island as a shelling target that night...
  11. Jororo Farewell
    The Prince of the Jororo Islands comes with his Baseball team to Hawaii. He lives in Robin Masters' house until the game between his team and the team coached by T.C.. But the prince often tries to run away, so his security chief is under pressure.
  12. The Case of the Red-Faced Thespian
    On Masters' estate, a party takes place where the guests have to come dressed like famous people from the 1920's. It is a charity party for an institution for hard to educate boys. Higgins is "out of order" because he is injured by a croquet ball that struck him on the head.
  13. No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Magnum has to cancel his trip for a reunion at the Naval Academy because Carol needs his help solving a case.
  14. Rembrandt's Girl
    A woman from Masters' bank wants Magnum to observe her father Herbie "Rembrandt" Norton, who made her expensive gifts although he just came out of prison weeks ago. By accident, the woman locks herself and Magnum in the bank vault.
  15. Paradise Blues
    Alexis Carter, a singer and old wartime friend of T.C.'s, comes to Hawaii to find a guy who debts $18,000 to her (David Mitchell).
  16. The Return of Luther Gillis
    P.I. Gillis and his secretary Blanche are visiting Hawaii to receive an award, but instead, he and Magnum have to search for kidnappers who kidnapped Higgins and Blanche.
  17. Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
    Higgins prepares the performing of selections from _The Mikado_, while Magnum searches for the brother of Sally DeForest. She fears that the sect her brother is a member of kills people who try to resign from it.
  18. Holmes Is Where the Heart is
    A former British secret agent and old friend of Higgins' arrives on Oahu imagining himself as Sherlock Holmes.
  19. On Face Value
    Magnum is involved in a car-chase where a young woman gets heavily injured.
  20. Dream A Little Dream
    Magnum helps the woman who was his first client as a private investigator after he resigned from the Navy. Working for her in the present causes him to continuously remember the past and events seem to be following the same pattern.
  21. I Witness
    Magnum wants to watch a great Detroit Tigers game, when a news bulletin reports of an armed robbery at the K. K. C. Higgins, T.C. and Rick are eye witnesses. Magnum asks them about what's happened. Everyone tells his own story where he is the hero...

Series 5

  1. Echoes Of the Mind
    Magnum loves Diane. When he meets her twin-sister, she says that Diane is psychically ill. When Magnum investigates in this, he gets part of a dramatic story.
  2. Mac's Back
    Magnum's friend Diane dies. In that mood, Magnum sees his friend Mac who he thought was dead as well. Higgins thinks that Magnum is completely mad now. But Magnum hunts the phantom...
  3. The Legacy of Garwood Huddle
    Higgins asks Magnum to help bank robber Garwood Huddle…
  4. Under World
    TC has got to deliver a briefcase to Oahu. His helicopter gets shot down, but TC survives.
  5. Fragments
    A woman with amazing psychic ability hires Magnum to investigate her own murder.
  6. Blind Justice
    The angry husband Greg kills his wife Debbie in a fight. Their child hides in a wardrobe and witnesses the murder...
  7. Murder 101
    Magnum wants to give a course at university about private investigation. Soon there is the first case for the class.
  8. Tran Quoc Jones
    A Vietnamese boy called Tran Quoc Jones wants Magnum to find his father who had been helicopter pilot in Vietnam. The problem is, that Tran Quoc Jones is an illegal immigrant and cannot go to official authorities…
  9. Luther Gillis: File #001
    Luther Gillis is again on Hawaii. Magnum gives him a case, as he promised. Gillis should investigate in a case for Higgins, while Magnum works on an embezzling case for Robin Masters.
  10. Kiss of the Sabre
    A friend of Robin's who is an aspiring writer comes to stay in the guest house to concentrate on her new novel. The main actors in her story resemble Magnum & Co.
  11. Little Games
    Playing with the computer system of Robin's house, Magnum shuts down the safety system accidentally. Higgins isn't happy about this because in two days there's a jewellery-exhibition on location.
  12. Professor Jonathan Higgins
    The benefit found where Agatha is the cash-master is cheated by a dubious firm and has lost $100000. Magnum wins a ticket for Disneyland in Florida. He works for Agatha for a salary in form of a flight-ticket to Florida. Higgins' cousin Sally comes to Masters' house to live until her marriage celebration. Unlike Higgins' other relatives, she is rather unorthodox.
  13. Compulsion
    Magnum helps his friend Carol Baldwin who is being terrorized.
  14. All For One
    While in Cambodia on a rescue mission of an old buddy, Thomas, T. C., Rick, and Higgins realize that they have been lied to.
  15. The Love-For-Sale Boat
    Rick is the target of yet another of Jim Bonnick's schemes. But this time "Mac" goes too far and endangers everyone's lives with his complicated con.
  16. Let Me Hear the Music
    Lacy Fletcher searches lost songs of the Country-star George Lee Jessup. Magnum helps out and finds Laurie Crane, but she is silent...
  17. Ms. Jones
    The civil servant Ms. Jones fears that her husband is in danger...
  18. The Man from Marseilles
    A friend of Robin's who is an international police inspector comes to Hawaii to seek Magnum's help on a big case.
  19. Torah, Torah, Torah
    Magnum helps Rabbi Asher Solomon to find his torah somebody robbed from him just when he came to Hawaii.
  20. A Pretty Good Dancing Chicken
    Magnum goes undercover into a prison farm to find the former boyfriend of a missing girl.

Series 6

  1. Déjà Vu
    Magnum wants to visit his old friend Jeffrey in London, but meanwhile, this friend is murdered...
  2. Old Acquaintance
    Magnum welcomes a former high school friend who enlists his help to rescue a highly trained dolphin.
  3. The Kona Winds
    Magnum stands at the cliffs and watches the Kona Winds coming to the islands when he sees a woman jumping into the high sea. He rescues her. She says that her husband wants to kill her because she saw him commit a murder.
  4. The Hotel Dick
    Magnum works as a hotel detective because he wanted a 'serious' job. A person called 'The Cat' steals things in the hotel. Magnum has to get him before the jewelry-congress begins. He calls his friends to support him.
  5. Round and Around
    A friend of T. C.'s and Thomas' is killed when he walks in on a grocery store robbery. T. M. and T. C. hunt the robbers.
  6. Going Home
    Magnum's grandfather Everett died. Magnum visits his family…
  7. Paniolo
    Magnum is on the big Hawaii island to work for Mr. Harbison who owns a ranch there. Magnum hunts cattle thieves.
  8. The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u
    Robin Masters' publisher invented a new advertisement: to increase the selling of his new book "The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u". A treasure hunt begins for one million dollars which are buried somewhere on the Island. Magnum has to be the bodyguard of the hunt manager.
  9. Blood and Honor
    Admiral Hawkes notices that there are spies in his secret department. He drafts Magnum as security officer. First, Magnum is glad to escape Higgins' benefit bed-race...
  10. Rapture
    While scuba diving Magnum thinks he sees the spirit of a boy who drowned in the area.
  11. I Never Wanted to Go to France, Anyway
    Bizarre accidents overshadow the glitz and glitter of a travelling carnival.
  12. Summer School
    Robin's nephew impersonates Magnum, with very dangerous consequences.
  13. Mad Dogs and Englishmen
    Magnum decides to investigate the mystery surrounding Higgins suddenly getting fired by Robin.
  14. All Thieves On Deck
    Burglars visited Robin's house and shot Apollo. But they didn't find the precious Amakua statuette. Magnum and his friends have to secure the exhibition of that statue on a cruise ship.
  15. This Island Isn't Big Enough
    When Rick's boat returns from a cruise empty, Magnum, T. C., and Higgins go in search of Rick and his passengers who are presumed to be dead.
  16. Way of the Stalking Horse
    Magnum comes close to death when he is set up by a hit man.
  17. Find Me a Rainbow
    Lydia McCarthy comes to Hawaii. She engages Magnum to search for her former butler Donald Burns, who stole an expensive pearl chain, as she first said. But Donald is in fact a child-trader...
  18. Who Is Don Luis, Higgins, ...And Why Is He Doing These Terrible Things To Me?
    Higgins must cope with a visiting dignitary, an invitational chess tournament, and the appearance of another illegitimate half-brother.
  19. A Little Bit of Luck ... A Little Bit of Grief
    Rick wins one million dollars and becomes the target of a scam. T. C. and Magnum fight the destruction of a clubhouse for under- privileged and troubled kids.
  20. Photo Play
    A photographer sideswipes Magnum in the Ferrari instantly involving him in a case of an unresolved embezzlement, multiple murders and the kidnapping of Agatha.

Series 7

  1. L.A.
    Magnum flies to Los Angeles and gets to know a female stand-up comic. She gets killed in a hotel. Magnum is the first one to find her dead body and of course he asks himself who the murderer might be.
  2. One Picture is Worth…
    The deaf Linda Andrews witnesses a bank robbery with murders. She moves to Masters' house to be secure for a while. But the robber she recognized comes after her.
  3. Straight and Narrow
    Magnum helps a former call-girl find her missing sister who is
  4. A.A. P.I.
    Inspector Jean-Claude Fornier dies while he was speaking in front of an audience. Magnum is looking for the murderer and notices that the Inspector was hunting drug dealers...
  5. Death and Taxes
    Higgins flies to the annual summit of writers and poets. But Magnum isn't happy about that because he has to do his tax audit. A mad caller disturbs Magnum and says that a prostitute will be murdered soon. And it's true. She had been a client of Magnum's. And the horror goes on...
  6. Little Girl Who
    Magnum must help Michelle and her daughter to freedom before they are murdered.
  7. Paper War
    Accidentally, Magnum deletes a part of Higgins' written memoirs and a war breaks out between them.
  8. Novel Connection
    Pamela Bates, her friend Amy and her secretary are guests of Robin Masters. Somebody tries to kill them. They call their 'private' investigator from the U.S.. Meanwhile, Magnum is involved in a hotel project with Rick and T.C..
  9. Kapu
    Magnum is wounded protecting a Hawaiian girl. He regains consciousness on a remote, secluded island.
  10. Missing Melody
    Melody and Bryant come to visit T.C.. Melody gets lost in the Hawaiian airport...
  11. Death of the Flowers
    Carol's mentor judge has changed for the worse. He spends lots of money and behaves uncharacteristically. Carol wants Magnum to shade him.
  12. Autumn Warrior
    Higgins visits an island together with convicts to do survival training. Just when the convicts start to mutiny, Magnum and T. C. come to look for Higgins, because it seems that he forgot that Robin Masters wanted to come home that weekend. Actually, Magnum planned to throw a party in Masters' house...
  13. Murder By Night
    A 1940s murder involves a cast of characters strangely resembling Magnum, T. C., Rick, and Higgins.
  14. On the Fly
    A case of mistaken identity leaves Magnum hunted by a Mexican organized crime boss.
  15. Solo Flight
    While trapped beneath the wreck of a WWII fighter plane, Thomas takes stock of his own mortality, a case from which he was just fired, and his relationships.
  16. Forty
    Magnum celebrates his 40th birthday together with T.C. and Rick in China Town. He loses his two dollar note that his grandpa gave him long ago. He also helps a shop keeper who has problems with gangs.
  17. Laura
    Magnum helps his New Yorker colleague Michael Doheny, but first, they are put in jail.
  18. Out of Sync
    Magnum's weekend with his supposed fiancée is interrupted by a pushy client.
  19. The Aunt Who Came to Dinner
    Magnum's P.I. licence is expired. He has problems to get a new one. And his aunt Phoebe comes to visit him. She has written a new play and fears that somebody wants to murder her.
  20. The People vs. Orville Wright
    Rick is arrested for allegedly killing a hit man contracted to murder Ice Pick.
  21. Limbo
    Magnum is heavily injured after a shooting. In coma, Magnum roams the island and finds his former wife. He helps her when she is pursued by killers...

Series 8

  1. Infinity And Jelly Doughnuts
    Magnum recovers from coma. Three of his enemies are dead already, but one is still free.
  2. Pleasure Principle
    In a bizarre twist, Higgins lives fast and loose while Magnum assumes Higgins' stuffy personality.
  3. Innocence ... A Broad
    Magnum gains a perky assistant while working on a case for Higgins which exposes the inner workings of a dangerous mob figure.
  4. Tigers Fan
    After Tanaka's death, some questions are still open...
  5. Forever In Time
    While helping Higgins with a pageant for the Anglo-Hawaiian Historical Society, Magnum becomes infatuated with an elusive woman, bringing danger to them both.
  6. The Love That Lies
    Magnum becomes embroiled in his friend Carol Baldwin's private life, uncovering a powerful secret about her parents.
  7. A Girl Named Sue
    It's a battle of wills when Magnum and an upstart investigator compete on the same case of a wealthy man's death.
  8. Unfinished Business
    The villain behind the attempted murder of Magnum will stop at nothing to destroy Thomas and his family. Magnum plans a golden opportunity for revenge.
  9. The Great Hawaiian Adventure Company
    Magnum's enthusiasm for a proposed business is put on the back burner when T. C.'s son lands in jail.
  10. Legend of the Lost Art
    Magnum's pursuit of an ancient scroll for Higgins is laced with abduction and danger.
  11. Transitions
    The manuscript of Masters' new novel disappeared. Magnum has to investigate. Higgins escapes an attempted murder, and Magnum supposes Higgins to be Robin Masters, yet again.
  12. Resolutions, part 1
    Magnum is surprised by a birthday-party from his relatives. He meets his grandfather Thomas Sullivan Magnum II. Rick prepares his marriage, and Magnum can expect a happy end after having problems with the fate of his daughter Lily.
  13. Resolutions, part 2