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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


Name: Capt. William Anthony 'Buck' Rogers
Actor: Gil Gerard

A 20th century astronaut stuck in the 25th century. His piloting skills landed him a job within Deerings fighter squadron.

Name: Col. Wilma Deering
Actor: Erin Gray

Head of Buck's fighter squadron.

Name: Twiki
Actor: Felix Silla
Voice: Mel Blanc (1), Bob Elyea (2)

A likable robot who becomes Buck's pal.

Name: Dr. Elias Huer (1)
Actor: Tim O'Connor

Head of the Earth's Defense Directorate.

Name: Dr. Theopolis (1)
Actor: Eric Server

A mechanical brain who is part of Earth's Computer Council.

Name: Princess Ardala (1)
Actor: Pamela Hensley

Out for revenge after Buck foiled her takeover plans.

Name: Kane (1)
Actor: Michael Ansara, Henry Silva

Princess Ardala's henchman.

Name: Narrator (1)
Actor: William Conrad

Name: Hawk (2)
Actor: Thom Christopher

A birdman whose people were hunted almost to extinction by a band of murderous humans.

Name: Dr. Goodfellow (2)
Actor: Wilfrid Hyde-White

Scientist aboard the starship Searcher.

Name: Admiral Efrem Asimov (2)
Actor: Jay Garner

Commander of a starship named Searcher, who's mission is to locate the lost tribes of Earth - humans who fled their homeworld after the nuclear holocaust.

Name: Crichton (2)
Actor: Jeff David

A snobbish robot built by Dr. Goodfellow.

Name: Lt. Devlin (2)
Actor: Paul Carr

Name: Helmsman (2)
Actor: Dennis Haysbert

Name: Technician (2)
Actor: Alex Hyde-White

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