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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


11 Feb 1994

William Conrad (Narrator) dies due to heart failure, aged 73.

6 May 1991

Wilfrid Hyde-White (Dr. Goodfellow) dies due to congestive heart failure, aged 87.

10 Jul 1989

Mel Blanc (Twiki - voice) dies due to heart disease, aged 81.

15 Jan 1981

Series 2 aires.

20 Sep 1979

Series 1 aires.

30 Mar 1979

"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" movie released in cinemas, starring Gil Gerard. Aired as series pilot "Awakening" 20 Sept 1979.

15 Apr 1950

"Buck Rogers" series aires, starring Kem Dibbs, and later Robert Pastene.

6 Feb 1939

"Buck Rogers" film serial released, starring Buster Crabbe. Re-released in edited versions in 1953 as "Planet Outlaws" for theatrical release, and in 1965 as "Destination Saturn" for television.

26 May 1934

"Buck Rogers" short feature shown at World's Fair in Chicago, starring John Dille Jr. (creators son).

7 Nov 1932

"Buck Rogers" the radio serial aires.

7 Jan 1929

"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century A.D." released in comic strip form.

1 Aug 1928

"Anthony Rogers" first appears in Amazing Stories.