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  1. The New Original Wonder Woman
    American war hero Steve Trevor is downed over the Bermuda Triangle and lands on "Paradise Island", home of the Amazons. The Amazons hold a contest and choose a champion among them - Wonder Woman - who will return with Steve Trevor to America and remain there to fight the Nazi threat. In the pilot episode, there is a Nazi plan to destroy a new bomb site to ruin America's war effort. The Nazi's have a mole in Steve's office who is sabotaging him, and only Wonder Woman can stop this catastrophe.

Series 1

  1. Wonder Woman Meets the Baroness Paula von Gunther
    Wonder Woman must contend with the cunning female leader of a Nazi spy ring.
  2. Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman
    The Nazis create their own Wonder Woman, with a mission to defeat the true Wonder Woman and bring her back to Germany to learn her secrets.
  3. Beauty on Parade
    A traveling beauty contest is the front for a group of enemy saboteurs out to assasinate General Eisenhower.
  4. The Feminum Mystique (Part 1)
    Wonder Woman's younger sister is kidnapped by Germans who want the secret of the Amazons' bullet-proof bracelets(Feminum).
  5. The Feminum Mystique (Part 2)
    With Paradise Island taken over by the Nazis, Wonder Woman must save her Amazon sisters and keep the Nazis from acquiring the bullet-proof "feminum" metal.
  6. Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua
    The Nazis try using a trained gorilla to defeat Wonder Woman, using a captured Nazi spy as bait.
  7. The Pluto File
    A document that details the creation of earthquakes is stolen by a Nazi employed mercenary who also happens to be carrying the bubonic plague.
  8. Last of the $2 Bills
    Nazis scheme to flood the U.S. with counterfeit $2 bills.
  9. Judgement from Outer Space (Part 1)
    An inter-galactic council, deeming mankind too violent, sends a representative, Andros, to investigate and destroy Earth if necessary.
  10. Judgement from Outer Space (Part 2)
    Andros is kidnapped by Nazis, believing him not to be an alien but part of American atomic research, and Wonder Woman must come to the rescue.
  11. Formula 407
    Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor go to Buenos Aires in search of a secret formula that can turn rubber as strong as steel.
  12. The Bushwackers
    Wonder Woman helps battle enemy cattle rustlers who are trying to sabotage the war effort.
  13. Wonder Woman In Hollywood
    Nazis use the filming of a Hollywood movie as a means to kidnap American war heroes.

Series 2

  1. The Return of Wonder Woman
    Having returned home some time after WWII, Wonder Woman once again must deal with a plane crash landing on Paradise Island. This time, the plane is carrying Steve Trevor's son, and the danger comes from international terrorists. Wonder Woman returns to "man's world", where as Diana Prince - IADC agent, she works with Steve Trevor Jr. to fight more 'modern-day' battles.
  2. Anschluss '77
    Nazis hiding in South America try to rebuild the Third Reich by cloning Hitler. With Mel Ferrer as Fritz Gerlich, Julio Medina as Gaitan, and Barry Dennen as the Cloned Hitler.
  3. The Man Who Could Move the World
    A Japanese man, bitter over the grief that Wonder Woman caused him in WWII, unleashes his telekinetic powers against her. With Yuki Shimoda as Takeo Ishida, and Lew Ayres as Dr. Wilson.
  4. The Bermuda Triangle Crisis
    Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and Steve Trevor Jr. go undercover as wealthy tourists to investigate the disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle of an intelligence plane. With Charles Cioffi as Raymond Manta, and Larry Gordon as Lt. Mansfield.
  5. Knockout
    Steve Trevor Jr. has apparently vanished without a trace and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) must find him. With Ted Shackelford (later on 'Knots Landing') as Pete, Jayne Kennedy as Carolyn, and Alex Colon as Angel Valesquez.
  6. The Pied Piper
    Wonder Woman battles a rock musician who uses his music to hypnotize young female fans into stealing for him. With Martin Mull (currently on 'Roseanne') as Hamlin Rule. and Eve Plumb (Jan from 'The Brady Bunch') as Elena Atkinson.
  7. The Queen and the Thief
    Diana Prince and Steve Trevor Jr. go undercover to catch an international thief. With Juliet Mills as Queen Kathryn, David Hedison as Evan Robley, and John Colicos (I best remember him as the bad guy on 'Battlestar Galactica', and others remember him as a Klingon in the original 'Star Trek' series) as Ambassador Orrick.
  8. I Do, I Do
    Wives of government officials at an Arizona spa are forced to reveal secret information that could hurt U.S. international relations. With Celeste Holm as Dolly Tucker.
  9. The Man Who Made Volcanoes
    Wonder Woman must deal with a mad scientist who could devastate the world with his artificial volcanic eruptions. With Roddy McDowell (Cornelius in 'Planet of the Apes' among other things) as Prof. John Chapman.
  10. Mind Stealers from Outer Space (Part 1)
    Andros is back and teams up with Wonder Woman to fight alian outlaws known as the Skrill who are taking over people's bodies and stealing their minds. With Norman Rambo as Andros, Vincent Van Patten (son of Dick Van Patten) as Johnny, and Kristen Larkin as Debbie.
  11. Mind Stealers from Outer Space (Part 2)
    The Skrill may steal all of the most brilliant minds in North America if Wonder Woman and Andros don't stop them.
  12. The Deadly Toys
    Wonder Woman must thwart a toymaker who uses his human-like androids to steal the top-secret plans for a government weapon. With Frank Gorshin as Dr. Hoffman.
  13. Light-Fingered Lady
    A criminal mastermind is planning a $50 million heist and Diana Prince goes undercover to stop him. With Greg Morris as Anton Caribe.
  14. Screaming Javelin
    World class athletes are being kidnapped by a mad-man who wants them to compete, in the Olympics, for his imaginary country of Mariposalia. With Henry Gibson as Marion Mariposa, and Rick Springfield (ex of 'General Hospital' and a brief singing career) as Tom Hamilston.
  15. Diana's Disappearing Act
    The international price of oil could quadruple because of Count Cagliostro who is selling fake gold to a greedy Middle Eastern. With Dick Gautier as Count Cagliostro, Ed Begley Jr. as Harold Farnus, and Brenda Benet as Morgana.
  16. Death in Disguise
    Diana Prince is assigned to protect a millioniare industrialist who is targetted by hit men. With George Chakiris as Carlo Indrezzati.
  17. IRAC is Missing
    A computer wizard, who wants to take over the world, is stealing the programs and memories of the world's largest and best computers (including IRAC's) and Wonder Woman must stop him. With Ross Martin as Bernard Havitol.
  18. Flight to Oblivion
    A traitorous, former NATO officer uses his hypnotic powers to sabotage the U.S. Air Force. With John Van Dreelan as Edmund Dante.
  19. Seance of Terror
    A child's "psychic photographs" are used to manipulate officials and jeopardize international peace talks. With Tod Lookinland and Matthew.
  20. The Man Who Wouldn't Tell
    A janitor finds himself a target after he accidently discovers the key ingredient to an explosives formula. With Gary Burghoff (Radar on 'M*A*S*H') as Alan Akroy.
  21. The Girl from Ilandia
    Wonder Woman must protect a young girl who is not of this world, has special powers and is the target of underworld heavies. With Julie Haddock as Tina.
  22. The Murderous Missile
    Diana is captured on her way to a missile test site and kept captive in a ghost town. With Hal England as Hal Shaver.

Series 3

  1. One of Our Teen Idols is Missing
    A teenage hearthrob is kidnapped and replaced by a double. With Leif Garrett as Lane/Mike.
  2. Hot Wheels
    Diana Prince must find a Rolls Royce that has a top-secret microfilm hidden in the hood-ornament. With Peter Brown as Tim Bolt, and Lance LeGault as Chris Fiskie.
  3. The Deadly Sting
    Someone is playing with college football players' minds and causing them to throw important games. With Ron Ely as Bill Michaels.
  4. The Fine Art of Crime
    Wonder Woman risks being turned into a "work of art" when she battles a ring of art thieves. With Roddy McDowall (again) as Henry Roberts, Ed Begley Jr. (again) Harold Famus, Gavin MacLeod (Captain of 'The Love Boat') as Mr. Ellsworth, and his wife Patti MacLeod as Mrs. Ellsworth.
  5. Disco Devil
    Government engineers are lured to a disco where their minds are robbed of national secrets. With Wolfman Jack as Infrared.
  6. Formicida
    A scientist wants to stop the manufacture of a deadly pesticide by using "insect powers" such as control over insects. With Lorene Yarnell as Formicida/Dr. Irene Janus, and Robert Shields as Doug (yes, the mimes Shields and Yarnell).
  7. Time Bomb
    A scientist who has travelled back in time from the year 2155, thinks she can become a billionaire by using her "inside" information. With Joan Van Ark (later Val on 'Knots Landing') as Cassandra Loren, Alan Miller as Dan Reynolds and Tom Shackleford as Adam Clement.
  8. Skateboard Whiz
    Diana's god-daughter, a teenage skateboard whiz, is used by a mobster for extortion and blackmail purposes. With Cynthia Eilbacher as Jaime O'Neill, and Eric Braeden (currently Victor Newman on 'The Young and the Restless') as Donelson.
  9. The Deadly Dolphin
    Trained dolphins are being used to put explosives on oil tankers. (Wonder Woman dons a full-body diving-suit-like costume at one point for this mission). With Penelope Windust as Dr. Sylvia Stubbs.
  10. Stolen Faces
    People are being duplicated, including Wonder Woman herself, and Steve Trevor Jr. With Bob Seagren as Roman.
  11. Pot o' Gold
    Wonder Woman helps a leprechaun recover his stolen gold. With Dick O'Neill as Pat O'Hanlon.
  12. Gault's Brain
    Billionaire Harlow Gault has found a way to keep his disembodied brain alive and now wants a new body for it. With Kathy Shirriff as Iara London and John Carradine as the voice of Gault's brain.
  13. Going, Going, Gone
    Diana goes undercover to crack a ring of criminals who deal in atomic hardware. With Hari Rhodes as Como, Bo Boundin as Zukov, and Kaz Garas as Lucas.
  14. Spaced Out
    Diana must find a stolen laser crystal that has been hidden somewhere at a science-fiction convention, before the bad-guys do. With Stephen Anderson as Sylvester, and Rene Auberjonois (currently Odo on 'Deep Space Nine') as Kimball.
  15. The Starships are Coming
    A hoax has everyone, including Wonder Woman, believing that Earth is being threatened by hostile aliens. With Andrew Duggan as Mason Steele.
  16. Amazon Hot Wax
    Going undercover to stop extortionists in the record industry gives Diana (and Lynda Carter) a chance to show off her vocal abilities. With Michael Botts as Kim.
  17. The Richest Man in the World
    Diana must find a reclusive millionaire who is the only one who can help her with a secret device that scrambles missile-guidance systems. With Marilyn Mason as Lucy DeWitt.
  18. A Date with Doomsday
    A computer-dating service is the unexpected hiding place for a deadly virus that was stolen from a government laboratory. With Hermione Baddley as Mrs. Thrip.
  19. The Girl with the Gift for Disaster
    A plan to steal priceless historical documents centers around a woman who 'attracts disaster'. With Raymond St. Jacques as William Mayfield, and Jane Actman as Bonnie Murphy.
  20. The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (Part 1)
    Alien life-forms shaped like small pyramids come to earth and imprison the minds of humans who touch them.
  21. The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (Part 2)
    Humans who have been 'possessed' by these pyramid aliens search for an alien criminal who has the power to shape-shift into anyone, even Wonder Woman.
  22. The Man Who Could Not Die
    Wonder Woman goes up against a super-man who is as strong as she is, and a criminal genius who has special powers. With Bob Seagren as Bryce Kandel, Brian Dawles as Joseph Reichman and James Bond III as T. Burton Phipps III.
  23. Phantom of the Roller Coaster (Part 1)
    Searching for the leader of a foreign spy ring, Wonder Woman goes to a Washington amusement park where she encounters a disfigured veteran who lives under the roller coaster and 'haunts' the park as its 'phantom'. With Joseph Sirola as Harrison Fynch, Jared Martin as Leon Hurney/David Gurney, and Ike Eisemann as Randy.
  24. Phantom of the Roller Coaster (Part 2)
    The conclusion of this 2-part episode, with the same cast.