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Wonder Woman


Carlo Indrezzano: "YOU saved me?"
Wonder Woman: "Yes."
Carlo Indrezzano: "Impossible. You're a woman!"
Wonder Woman: "I have heard that once or twice before."

Nazi Agent #1: "This plan is foolproof. Not only are we going to steal the formula right out from under the Americans' noses, but we will also capture one of their greatest war heroes... Major Steve Trevor."

Wonder Woman: "Not all men are honest."
Queen Hippolyta: "Like your Major Trevor?"
Wonder Woman: "Steve is cunning, but he doesn't have a dishonest bone in his body."
Queen Hippolyta: "You should know daughter..."
Wonder Woman: "Mother!"

Steve Trevor: "It's not like Diana to forget things. She's usually very efficient."
Baroness von Gunther: "Really? She seems so plain and uninteresting. Her coloring is rather like wet Bisquick, and I'm sure she's blind as a bat without those glasses."
Steve Trevor: "Yeoman Prince is very... hardworking and... totally loyal."

Wonder Woman: "No one can resist the golden lasso. It binds all who are encircled and compels them to tell... the truth!"

Etta Candy: "I don't suppose you could make it for three?"
Diana Prince: "Oh, I'm sorry Etta but you heard Steve. He has important business to discuss with Peter Knight."
Etta Candy: "Business or social, I never get to go out for dinner."
Diana Prince: "Well Etta, I promise to take you out for dinner sometime, just you and me."
Etta Candy: "It's not the same Diana, I mean, you're not a man."
Diana Prince: "I've always been very happy about that."

Wonder Woman: "Show's over boys."
Formicida: "No Wonder Woman, it's just begun!"