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Wonder Woman


  • Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston in 1941 for DC Comics.

  • The second series of Wonder Woman jumped 30 years in to the future from World War II, when it moved from ABC to CBS.

  • Lynda Carter was chosen out of a casting of 2,000 aspirants for the seriesí leading role.

  • Although everybody knows that Hippolyte is the name of the Amazonís Queen, it was never mentioned in the series, and everybody refers to her as "Queen", or simply "Mother" in the case of Diana.

  • After the series moved to CBS, Wonder Womanís invisible plane was not seen or used to travel back to Paradise Island. Instead it seems she had the ability to communicate with her mother by rubbing the ruby star in her tiara and using an ancient Greek mirror.

  • According to the "Anschluss Ď77" episode Wonder Woman was 2227 years old.

  • The "Wonder Woman" series is referenced in several movies and TV shows, including "Three on a Date", "George and Mildred", "Purojukut A-ko", "Tales of the City", "To Wong Foo, Thanks For everything, Julie Newmar", "Desperately Seeking Helen", and "The Story of Us" (in one of the scenes, a huge Wonder Woman poster as portrayed by Lynda Carter can clearly be seen).

  • On television, Wonder Woman lost her powers if her belt was removed. This was not true in the comics.

  • The "Wonder Woman" series is spoofed in the 1982 movie "They Call Me Bruce?", and the 1997 movie "Spice World".

  • Guest stars included Robert Loggia, John Hillerman, Dick Van Patten, Debra Winger, Roy Rogers, Martin Mull, Eve Plumb, Frank Gorshin, Jayne Kennedy, Wolfman Jack, Russell Johnson, Leif Garrett, and Ted Shackleford heo went on to star in "Space Precinct 2040".

  • Debra Winger who made an impressive career in Holywood, made her debut in the series, but she never mentions it in her resume.