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  1. Backlash of the Hunter
    James Garner stars as as ex-con private eye tho takes only cases the police can't solve. Jim's client is a pretty, young woman who convinces him to investigate her father's death.

Series 1

  1. The Kirkoff Case
    The heir to a family fortune hires Rockford to find out who killed his parents. According to the police, the leading suspect is the heir himself.
  2. The Dark And Bloody Ground
    After being wheedled into helping an impoverished woman accused of murder, Rockford himself becomes a killer's target.
  3. The Countess
    After doing his best to discourage a socialite's blackmailer, Rockford finds himself the leading suspect when the extortionist is murdered.
  4. Exit Prentiss Carr
    The police investigate Rockford's report of a murder, only to discover that all the evidence points to a suicide.
  5. Tall Woman In Red Wagon
    Robbing a grave and a bullet wound in his head are just two of the threats in store for Rockford when he investigates the disappearance of a statuesque redhead.
  6. This Case Is Closed
    Rockford is trailed, threatened, beaten and kidnapped - and he doesn't know why - when he investigates a rich man's prospective son-in-law.
  7. The Big Ripoff
    Rockford hopes to make a huge recovery fee by locating a supposedly dead man who swindled an insurance company.
  8. Find Me If You Can
    Rockford will do anything for money, and that includes working for a secretive woman who hires him to find her.
  9. In Pursuit Of Carol Thorne
    To find an elderly couple's missing son, Rockford woos the son's former girlfriend, a recent parolee.
  10. The Dexter Crisis
    Rockford is in Las Vegas searching for a tycoon's mistress. Tagging along is a female student who is the missing girl's roommate.
  11. Caledonia - It's Worth A Fortune!
    The wife of a critically ill convict hires Rockford to follow up on her husband's clue to a $500,000 cache that is hidden on a ranch.
  12. Profit And Loss, Pt. 1: Profit
    A conglomerate's terrified computer programmer tries to hire Rockford, but is kidnapped before he can explain the cause of his anxiety.
  13. Profit And Loss, Pt. 2: Loss
    Rockford is ready to abandon his probe of a corporate leviathan until he is tipped off that the conglomerate may have ordered the death of an obscure printer.
  14. Aura Lee, Farewell
    A new girl in town is found dead in her apartment from an overdose of heroin. Her only friend insists that the victim never used drugs and hires Rockford to find her killer.
  15. Sleight Of Hand
    Rockford searches for a woman friend whose sudden disappearance coincided with her next-door neighbor's murder.
  16. Counter Gambit
    Just before being paroled, a hot-tempered convict hires Rockford to find his missing girlfriend without bothering to mention that he's really after a stolen pearl necklace in the girl's possession.
  17. Claire
    Rockford gets on the wrong side of both the police and a pair of goons when he accedes to a former girlfriend's request that he find a mystery man.
  18. Say Goodbye To Jennifer
    A photographer hires Rockford to find a fashion model who is suspected of murder. He swears she's still alive, even after dental records indicate she burned to death in an accident.
  19. Charlie Harris At Large
    Rockford's former prison cellmate, now a playboy suspected of murdering his wife, begs the detective to find the only person who can clear him, a mystery woman with whom he was having an affair.
  20. The Four Pound Brick
    A mother's conviction that her rookie-cop son was murdered spurs Rockford to challenge the officail police position that his death was accidental.
  21. Just By Accident
    A puzzled mother hires Rockford to investigate the death of her estranged son, a demolition-derby driver whose car plunged off a cliff. She also wonders how he was able to afford a $200,000 insurance policy on his life.
  22. Roundabout
    Rockford is baffled by the behaviour of a girl who is living like a peon but hesitates to bank a $10,000 insurance check.

Series 2

  1. The Aaron Ironwood School Of Success
    Rockford's instincts as an ex-con and a private eye lead him to suspect a friend's motives in this second season opener. The childhood chum claims he wants to sign his multimillion-dollar firm over to Rockford to protect it from mobsters.
  2. The Farnsworth Strategem
    Sergeant Becker, who worked the bunco squad for years, is himself the victim of a fraud - and he turns to his old friend Rockford to help him get his money.
  3. Gearjammers, Pt. 1
    Rockford knows that thugs are out to harm his father, but what he doesn't know is the reason: Rocky unwittingly viewed the prelude to a truck hijacking.
  4. Gearjammers, Pt. 2
    With truck drivers inexplicably stalking his father, Rockford impersonates a truck-driving road boss to gather information about the criminals.
  5. The Deep Blue Sleep
    Rockford questions the heads of a fashion salon whose top model is found dead after placing a terrified phone call to her friend Beth.
  6. The Great Blue Lake Land And Development Company
    When his car breaks down in a small desert town, Rockford banks on the security of a real estate company's safe for the overnight storage of $10,000 in bail money for his client.
  7. The Real Easy Red Dog
    A curiously evasive woman hires Rockford to investigate her sister's apparent suicide.
  8. Resurrection In Black & White
    A journalist on the trail of a hot story hires Rockford to help prove the innocence of a man who has spent six years in prison on a murder rap.
  9. Chicken Little Is A Little Chicken
    Rockford's old prison pal Angel cons the private eye into helping him retrieve a sum of money from a swindler, not letting on that the criminal is also being sought by gangsters.
  10. 2 Into 5.56 Won't Go
    Rockford's old Army commander dies in what is officially called a traffic accident. But the man's daughter has a different opinion, and hires Rockford to investigate.
  11. Pastoria Prime Pick
    After his car breaks down in a peaceful little town, a bewildered Rockford is inexplicably charged with possession of narcotics, auto theft, corrupting a minor and numerous other crimes.
  12. The Reincarnation Of Angie
    Rockford aids a woman whose brother mysteriously disappears after giving her instructions to open a safe that turns out to contain a million dollars in cash.
  13. The Girl In The Bay City Boys' Club
    Trying to find out if a high-stakes poker game is rigged, Rockford discovers that the man who supposedly hired him to do the job has actually been dead for two months.
  14. The Hammer Of C Block
    Released from jail after serving 20 years for a murder he claims he didn't commit, Rockford's old prison mate enlists the investigator's help to find the killer.
  15. The No-Cut Contract
    Rockford becomes his own client in an attempt to discover why mobsters have linked him to tapes they want returned.
  16. A Portrait Of Elizabeth
    Jealous and suspicious, Rockford reluctantly agrees to look into some apparently shady dealings for Beth's new gentleman friend.
  17. Joey Blue Eyes
    Rockford engineers a plan to help a struggling restaurateur and his daughter get their business back from the corporate bigwigs who are in the process of cheating them out of it.
  18. In Hazard
    While Beth serves a sentence for contempt of court, Rockford helps out by looking into a tax evasion case - not knowing that Beth's client has been stealing money from the mob.
  19. The Italian Bird Fiasco
    After fulfilling a commission to purchase a valuable sculpted bird at an auction, Rockford is attacked by mysterious assailants who break the sculpture and flee without explanation.
  20. Where's Houston?
    One of Rocky's old cronies hires Rockford to help find his apparently kidnapped granddaughter, who turns up unharmed just as her grandfather is discovered dead.
  21. Foul On The First Play
    Rockford's former parole officer, a con artist par excellence, tricks him into investigating the shady dealings surrounding the cutthroat competition for a pro-basketball franchise.
  22. A Bad Deal In The Valley
    A former girlfriend askes Rockford to deliver a briefcase, supposedly containing escrow papers, that turns out to be stuffed with $100,000 in counterfeit money.

Series 3

  1. The Fourth Man
    Private eye Jim Rockford steps down from his trailer into a third season with a case involving a stewardess who has been marked for murder by a numismatist who moonlights as a hitman.
  2. The Oracle Wore A Cashmere Shirt
    A renowned psychic makes life very uncomfortable for Rockford when he claims the private eye knows more about a double disappearance than he has let on.
  3. The Family Hour
    Rockford gives up a fishing trip in Baja to aid a wandering waif whose father is hiding from double-dealing narcotics agents.
  4. Feeding Frenzy
    One of Rockford's fishing chums, who has found peace in poverty, is anxious to make amends for his larcenous past by returning the half- million dollars he successfully stole years before.
  5. Drought At Indianhead River
    Rockford is mystified to discover his bungling friend Angel not only has struck it rich in real estate but also has been marked for murder by the mob.
  6. Colter City Wildcat
    Rockford tries to find out why two thugs strong-armed his father into singing over his rights to an unpromising oil lease.
  7. So Help Me God
    Rockford is charged with civil contempt and jailed indefinitely when an aggressive U.S. attorney convinces a grand jury that the detective is withholding testimony on a kidnap case. Portions of this episode were shot on location inside the Federal prison at San Pedro.
  8. Rattlers' Class Of '63
    Angel and an unwitting Rockford become implicated in murder after Angel's plan to extort money from a garbage concern backfires.
  9. Return To The 38th Parallel
    An old Army buddy claiming to have fallen upon hard times uses Rockford as an unwitting pawn in a scheme to recover a stolen art treasure.
  10. Piece Work
    While investigating a health-club accident for an insurance company, Rockford stumbles onto a plan involving the sale of illegal weapons.
  11. The Trouble With Warren
    Rockford's contempt for Beth's cousin Warren intensifies when his efforts to clear the dunderhead of murder get the detective charged with assault on a police officer, grand theft auto and malicious mischief.
  12. There's One In Every Port
    Rockford starts running for his life after an old friend, a con man par excellence, sets him up as a fall guy in a poker game holdup.
  13. Sticks & Stones May Break Your Bones, But Waterbury Will Bury You
    Several private eyes ask Rockford to track down the elusive woman who set them up for the felony raps that cost them their licences.
  14. The Trees, The Bees And T.T. Flowers, Pt. 1
    Rockford tries to find out why an old friend of Rocky's was secretly declared incompetent and carted off to a senior citizen's hospital against his will.
  15. The Trees, The Bees And T.T. Flowers, Pt. 2
    Rockford tries to find out why an old friend of Rocky's was secretly declared incompetent and carted off to a senior citizen's hospital against his will.
  16. The Becker Connection
    Becker is set up as the fall guy for a narcotics ring that has stolen a load of confiscated heroin from a police property room.
  17. Just Another Polish Wedding
    Rockford helps an old prison buddy get a foothold in the gumshoe business by referring him to a fast-talking mischievous P.I.
  18. New Life, Old Dragons
    A Vitnamese woman hires Rockford to find her brother, an emigre why mysteriously diappeared after leaving a relocation center.
  19. To Protect And Serve, Pt. 1
    A rich man hires Rockford to search for his fiancee and gives him an ultimatum: find her in 24 hours or suffer fatal consequences.
  20. To Protect And Serve, Pt. 2
    A rich man hires Rockford to search for his fiancee and gives him an ultimatum: find her in 24 hours or suffer fatal consequences.
  21. Crack Back
    Rockford searches for a missing witness who can confirm the alibi of a gridiron star indicted for robbery and murder.
  22. Dirty Money, Black Light
    Two rackateers skimming money from Las Vegas casinos are using vacationing Rocky's address as a drop and pick-up point.

Series 4

  1. Beamer's Last Case
    The fourth season opens with Jim Rockford investigating himself - or at least someone who assumed his identity while he was vacationing.
  2. Trouble In Chapter 17
    The outspoken author of a book advocating traditional roles for women hires Rockford to check out her suspicion that a feminist group has marked her for murder.
  3. The Battle Of Canoga Park
    Prima facie evidence points to Rockford as the leading suspect in the murder of a service-station owner.
  4. Second Chance
    Rockford's old buddy Gandy Fitch asks for help in finding his girlfriend, a nightclub singer who has been abducted by her ex-husband, a paroled murderer.
  5. The Dog And Pony Show
    A former mental patient askd Rockford to determine whether or not she has legitimate reasons for thinking that someone is following her.
  6. Requiem For A Funny Box
    A comedian asks Rockford for protection from his former partner, a hot- tempered headliner who claims his second banana stole his material.
  7. Quickie Nirvana
    A casual conversation with a 40-year-old flower child marks Rockford as an accomplice in the eyes of two thugs, who suspect the aging hippie has ripped them off for $30,000.
  8. Irving The Explainer
    A mysterious woman, posing as a freelance writer, dupes Rockford into helping her find a French art treasure stolen by the Nazis during World War II.
  9. The Mayor's Committee From Deer Lick Falls
    A quartet of innocent looking Michigan businessmen try to commission Rockford to murder someone.
  10. Hotel Of Fear
    Good food and posh quarters are part of the protective custody package the D.A.'s office gives to Angel to persuade him to testify against a notorious hit man.
  11. Forced Retirement
    Rockford investigates an underwater research project headed by one of Beth's old college chums.
  12. The Queen Of Peru
    Rockford's barbecue grill is stolen by tourists who are not aware that a $3-million diamond is hidden in the ashes.
  13. A Deadly Maze
    Strapped for cash, Rockford takes a case he'd rather decline: the client's wife has disappeared but the man seems too coldblooded about the affair.
  14. The Attractive Nuisance
    Eerie but seemingly unrelated events plague the Rockfords after Rocky decides to go into partnership with a stranger to open a roadside restaurant.
  15. The Gang At Don's Drive-In
    An author's research on a high school's class of '62 turns up facts that certain graduates are dead set on keeping secret.
  16. The Paper Palace
    A prostitute asks Rockford to protect her from two french-speaking killers stalking her for no apparent reason.
  17. Dwarf In A Helium Hat
    A vengeful thug with a grudge against a flighty social parasite dials Rockford by mistake when he phones his murderous threats.
  18. South By Southeast
    A most perturbed Rockford is hustled aboard a Mexico-bound jet by Federal agents who mistake him for a man the government is usuing as a stooge to break up an international scam.
  19. The Competitive Edge
    Rockford is hired to find an accused embezzler who disappeared after posting bail.
  20. The Prisoner Of Rosemont Hall
    A fraternity pledge is abducted by brothers who have more on their minds than hell-week hazing.
  21. The House On Willis Avenue
    An old gumshoe buddy of Rockford's is murdered when he gets too close to the truth behind a city councilman's crooked dealings.

Series 5

  1. Heartaches Of A Fool
    Rocky gets in yet another jam, sending his son the private eye sniffing around a crooked sausage-making operation that's endorsed by a singing cowboy.
  2. Rosendahl And Gilda Stern Are Dead
    Streetwalker Rita Capkovic returns and asks Rockford to clear her of murder charges.
  3. The Jersey Bounce
    Verbal Threats issued to a bunch of hooligans make Rockford the leading suspect when one of them is murdered.
  4. White On White And Nearly Perfect
    Hired to find an industrialist's daughter, Rockford finds himself working with a fellow gumshoe who behaves as if he were the hero of a crime novel.
  5. Kill The Messenger
    To give Becker added time to study for his lieutenant's exam, Rockford helps with a murder investigation.
  6. A Good Clean Bust With Sequel Rights
    Rockford is hired to chaperone a cop turned writer by toy manufacturers worried that their deal with the man could be jeopardized by his knack for getting into trouble.
  7. Three Day Affair With A Thirty Day Escrow
    Rockford gets the strong-arm treatment from some no-nonsense arabs who figure the detective knows the whereabouts of someone they want.
  8. The Empty Frame
    Rockford is hired to find some priceless paintings stolen by terrorists during a raid on a seaside mansion.
  9. Black Mirror
    Rockford is smitten with his client, a blind psychologist who is being terrorized by a psychotic.
  10. A Fast Count
    The trail leads to a beautiful car dealer as Rockford investigates murder and bribery in the fight game.
  11. Local Man Eaten By Newspaper
    A notorious scandal sheet and underworld thugs go after Rockford as he digs unto the shooting of a prominent show-biz doctor.
  12. With The French Heel Back, Can The Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind?
    Rockford investigates the supposed suicide of a fashion model who dies the same night a jet-setter is murdered.
  13. The Battle-Ax And The Exploding Cigar
    Rockford loses his shirt in Vegas but gets a lift from a friendly stranger - who leaves him with a stolen car, a trunk full of weapons and a couple of inquisitive cops.
  14. Guilt
    Rockford's former girlfriend is being terrorized, apparently without motive.
  15. The Deuce
    Rockford takes up the unpopular cause of a habitually drunken driver accused of causing a death with his car.
  16. The Man Who Saw The Alligators
    Angel does his pal Rockford another favor by blabbing the detective's hideout to a crazed syndicate thug who's hellbent on killing him.
  17. Return Of The Black Shadow
    Rockford's friend John Cooper returns, and he's after the motorcycle gang that brutalized his sister and her date - Rockford.
  18. A Material Difference
    Rockford finds himself trapped in another lethal mess by Angel, who takes a large advance as a hit man with no intention of completing the contract.
  19. Never Send A Boy King To Do A Man's Job
    Rockford runs an elaborate con game to help his young gumshoe friend Richie Brockelman. The mark: the man who brutally forced Richie's father to sell his business for a fraction of its value.
  20. A Different Drummer
    Hospitalized by an accident and groggy from sedatives, Rockford is nonetheless certain he sees a cadaver's arm move just as an organ is being extracted for transplant.

Series 6

  1. Paradise Cove
    Rockford uncovers a 50-year old whiskey smuggling case as he checks out the suspiciously active neighbor who won a $35,000 personal injury judgment against him.
  2. Lions, Tigers, Monkeys And Dogs
    Rockford is hired to protect a jet setter after several unaccountable attempts on her life.
  3. Only Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die, Pt. 1
    A rock star hires Rockford to cure some heavy blues: his record producer has vanished, he's being sued for palimony by a former sweetie and his latest album is being pirated by the mob.
  4. Only Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die, Pt. 2
    A rock star hires Rockford to cure some heavy blues: his record producer has vanished, he's being sued for palimony by a former sweetie and his latest album is being pirated by the mob.
  5. Love Is The Word
    Rockford is dismayed, then alarmed when a cherished friend asks him to search for her fiance, who's wanted for murder.
  6. Nice Guys Finish Dead
    Rockford's handsome, rich, elegant and galling rival lends his presence to a private eyes' awards dinner otherwise distinguished by the murder of its guest speaker.
  7. The Hawaiian Headache
    In Hawaii, Rockford is dragooned into a "routine" intelligence errand by his old Army commander.
  8. No Fault Affair
    Prostitute Rita Capkovic wants a new line of work, but a sadistic pimp wants otherwise.
  9. The Big Cheese
    A reporter writing an expose of a union crook is murdered after mailing a package to Rockford, who now becomes the killer's target.
  10. Just A Coupla Guys
    Two klutzy punks try to break into the rackets through a reformed mob boss.
  11. Deadlock In Parma
    On a fishing trip, Rockford gets caught in a vicious political imbroglio caused by rival gambling syndicates trying to make inroads into a new territory.


  1. I Still Love L.A.
    James Garner re-creates his Emmy-winning role as Jim Rockford, the Los Angeles PI from the '70s series, who's swept into a baffling murder mystery that unfolds amid the L.A. riots of '92 and the devastating '93 brush fires in the suburbs.
  2. A Blessing in Disguise
    Rockford's assignment to protect a movie star is complicated by Angel's success as a televangelist.
  3. If the Frame Fits...
    Jim Rockford is the victim of an elaborate frame over the death of a long-time rival.
  4. Godfather Knows Best
    Jim Rockford tries to help Dennis Beckers' wayward son, only to become involved in the murder of a fashion model.
  5. Friends and Foul Play
    In this fifth Rockford made-for-TV movie, Jim Rockford investigates the murder of a waitress and her son. His investigation focuses on a local gangster and a college criminology class led by Lt. Chapman.
  6. Punishment and Crime
    Laid-back private eye Jim Rockford and his brown Pontiac Firebird become embroiled in another case when he runs across an old flame, blind book editor Megan. Her no-good playboy cousin Patrick is involved with the Russian Mob, which puts everyone's life in danger. The weary Rockford must also deal with his old friend Angel, who is painting Jim's trailer to work off a debt.
  7. Murder and Misdemeanors
    In this, the seventh in a recent spate of Rockford TV movies, Jim Rockford helps a chum investigate two shady cops suspected of vice offences.
  8. If It Bleeds, It Leads
    Rockford tries to clear the name of an old friend who has been falsely accused of a brutal series of child rapes.