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Name: Stanley H Tweedle
Actor: Brian Downey

The bumbling Captain of the Lexx and the only one able to command the spacecraft. He sees himself as the voice of reason, when really it is cowardice and an overly developed sense of self-preservation that motivates him.

Name: Zev / Xev Bellringer
Actor: Eva Habermann (1), Xenia Seeberg

An ugly duckling sentenced to become a love slave. The process goes awry and she ends up with the body of a pin-up girl, some cluster lizard DNA and an attitude.

Name: Kai
Actor: Michael McManus

The last of his race and a programmed assassin for His Divine Shadow, evil ruler of the League of Twenty Thousand Planets. Kai is handsome and intelligent, and technically dead for the past 2000 years.

Name: 790
Voice: Jeffrey Hirschfield

A robot who received the brainwashing meant for Zev/Xev. He is madly in love with her and wants nothing more than to consummate this love - but since all that's left of him is his head, poems and proclamations of never ending devotion will have to suffice.

Name: Lexx
Voice: Tom Gallant

A 10km long starship, part insect, part spaceship. Originally the property of The League of 20,000 Planets, a tyrannical regime headed by His Shadow, stolen by the current crew.

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