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  • Eva Habermann (Zev Bellringer) was unable to continue the second season due to scheduling conflicts and so was replaced by Xenia Seeberg.

  • Xenia Seeberg co-stared with Eva Habermann (Zev Bellringer) in 2004's "Der Clown".

  • As a play on her first name, the name of Xenia's character (Zev) was changed to Xev.

  • Guest stars include Tim Curry as Poet Man ("Super Nova" 1.2), Rutger Hauer as Bog ("Eating Pattern" 1.3), and Malcolm McDowell as Yottskry ("Giga Shadow" 1.4).

  • It was revealed on the Season 2 DVD that 790's fragment of human brain came from a woman.

  • In "Lafftrak" (episode 2.5), 790 meets "award-winning author Noch Einmal" in a game show. Noch einmal is German and means "again".

  • The chess game between Kai and Price in "The Game" (episode 4.18) is a move-by-move copy of an actual championship match chess game (La Bourdonnais vs. McDonnell, 1834).