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Episode Guide


  1. I Worship His Shadow
    On Cluster, the capital of the league of 20 000 planets, a ship with the power to destroy planets lies waiting for it's master - "His Divine Shadow". But the soon to be executed rebel Thodin has his eyes on it too, and mangles the city's computer system while engineering his escape. Using the chaos that erupts, the death sentenced security officer Stanley Tweedle and the escaped "love-slave" Zev evade capture and eventually team up with Thodin... with the undead assassin Kai following, with orders to kill them all.
  2. Super Nova
    Zev decides they should go to Brunnis, the original home of the Brunnen-G, in hopes of finding something that can prolong Kai's life. When they arrive they find it barren, except from holographic messages left by the eccentric "Poet Man". As they enter the library, they are totally unaware that back on the Lexx Giggerota has sprung back to life and plots to steal it with the help of the remaining Divine Predecessors.
  3. Eating Pattern
    The Lexx is forced to land on a planet to eat and replenish its energy supply. While they wait, Stanley and Zev go outside to bury Kai, who seems to have run out of the protoblood that kept him functioning. On their way back, Zev insists on investigating a structure. Too late they discover that it is filled with insane people obsessed with getting "clean bodies" to make "pattern".
  4. Giga Shadow
    Kai is running out of protoblood, and a desperate Zev forces Stan to set course back to the Cluster through the fractal core. When they arrive they find they entire planet barren - everybody killed in "the cleansing", in preparation of the birth of the Gigashadow.

Series 2

  1. Mantrid
    His Divine Shadow's tyranny has been overthrown, and His order left in ruins. Chaos reigns in the light universe, with His Shadow's minions scrambling to find a place for themselves. One of these is His Shadow's bio-vizier, Mantrid, who plans to become immortal by transferring his consciousness into a massive computer.
  2. Terminal
    Waking Kai can be a dangerous business, as Stanley Tweedle finds out the hard way. He is mortally wounded and, after some intense bargaining tactics on Zev's part, is rushed to the Medsat Medical Terminal. Here he is treated by the smarmy Doctor Kazzan who, to be fair, does indeed save his life. But along the way one ultimate sacrifice is made.
  3. Lyekka
    The Lexx picks up an unusual passenger: a shape shifting plant who takes on the appearance of a girl from Stanley's dreams. At the same time, some intrepid space explorers from the planet Potatoho have a run in with the Lexx. Kai invites them aboard, and some awkward first contact scenarios are played out. It's revealed that these boys are patriotic to a fault; they'll do anything for the glory of Potatoho. Needless to say, they don't exactly jive with the rest of the crew.
  4. Luvliner
    Let's face it, flying around the empty reaches of space without someone to play with makes for a frustrating time indeed. So when a signal is picked up from a nearby bordello satellite, its no wonder Stan and Xev are so eager to board. But the goods aren't exactly as advertised, and the den of iniquity turns out to be more of a pigpen. Still, Xev and Stan, accompanied by a reluctant 790, decide to indulge their desires.
  5. Lafftrak
    It's all about effective marketing, isn't it? The Lexx picks up an advertisement from a television planet, and the crew just has to go investigate. They discover a world where they get to be the stars on various television shows. Their performances are judged by the finicky audience, who determine the ratings of the show. Too low and you get bumped down to daytime as the no-talent Stan soon finds out. Kai also gets mixed up in the whole torrid affair and the crew decides once and for all that too much television is bad for your health.
  6. Stan's Trial
    The Celes Pleasure Transport is the ultimate in high-class pleasure providers. Its four-star service makes the bordello satellite look like a pay-by-the-hour hotel room. So when Stanley gets the chance to pay a return visit to the curvaceous spacecraft, he's eager. But lying in wait for him are not the lovely escorts he's expecting, but a carefully laid sting operation.
  7. Love Grows
    Three trash jockeys to wit, a couple of greasy grubs and a grungy gal cross paths with a giant and hungry insect : the Lexx. Swallowed like popcorn, the ship and its cargo disappear into the belly of the beast. The crew manage to claw their way to freedom and into the arms of Xev. Before long, people begin to notice some ... rather unusual changes in their bodies and minds, and no one, not even the Lexx, remains unaffected except for Kai, who's always a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to this kind of fun anyway.
  8. White Trash
    Even in space there are outposts with just a little less sophistication than others, a little less education maybe, a little less culture. Yes, even the light universe has its fair share of hillbillies, and four of them are discovered stowed away on the Lexx. Hiding from punishment on the Cluster, the family manage to keep themselves hidden, finally emerging when they become hungry. Quicker than you can say "hoe-down," the Lexx is hijacked and is en route for the planet Vermal.
  9. 791
    The crew of the Lexx responds to a distress signal, and just in time for Lyekka's awake, and she's hungry. The signal is coming from a downed prison-spacecraft on an inhospitable planet, and Kai, Xev and 790 set forth to investigate. The exploration turns up a decapitated cyborg, and several pods are found to contain prisoners, still alive but missing their hearts as a means of preventing escape. Lyekka makes quick work of some of them, and 790 secures himself onto a body!
  10. Wake The Dead
    Five teenagers are carousing around the universe when they decide it's time to take a nap. They oversleep by about 300 years. The Lexx comes across their shaggin' wagon and Xev can't help but go for a look. The teens are brought on board and, once roused, are determined to party. But jealousies and tempers flare and Kai is woken up in a most unpleasant fashion. What happens next is straight out of a slasher flick, as the dead man walking demonstrates why he was such a good assassin for His Shadow.
  11. Nook
    The Lexx and its crew discover Nook, a planet covered by water with the exception of one island, which is inhabited by a religious order of men who haven't seen a woman in 100 years. They follow strict rules and roles: scribes, for example, are only ever allowed to copy dislocated passages from disparate books, ensuring that no one Brother ever learns too much. Kai, however, suspects there is something he can learn from the archives of this seemingly perfect society, and intends to find out all he can ... and Xev learns what she's been biologically designed for ...
  12. Norb
    The strange young boy who appeared on the Lexx with the family of hillbillies is encountered again this time floating through space. He is brought aboard the ship, and Kai observes he lacks "a certain vitality" indeed, because Norb is no longer a little boy, but is composed of vicious drone arms Mantrid's creations. These drones process everything they touch into more drone arms, and are impossible to contain.
  13. Twilight
    Poor Stanley. He's always in some kind of mess. He's sick, really sick, and the only hope for him is to be found on Ruuma, an ugly little planet. Here live a decidedly dysfunctional family and their 792 robot, who comes complete with a medical diagnostic program. Once in service to His Divine Shadow, this macabre bunch now spends its time fending off the animated, former host bodies of that same evil tyrant. For Ruuma does strange things to the dead, as Kai's increasingly erratic behavior demonstrates ...
  14. Patches In The Sky
    Gubby Mok operates the Narcolounger, a device that allows people to enter their own dreams. Stanley is keen to try the contraption, but Gubby's in a wee bit of an altered state himself. His operation of the chair is less than perfect, and Stanley's dream turns into a nightmare visitation from a cannibal woman, Gigerotta. Gubby joins Stan in the dream in an attempt to save him and Xev ends there too, and only Kai is left to figure out the mechanics of the ancient device.
  15. Woz
    790 announces that Xev has only 79 hours left to live unless, of course, her clock can be reset. Trouble is, there is and only ever has been one Lustikon or so they thought: another prototype is discovered on the planet Woz, in the hands of the Wuzzard, who promises to save Xev if Kai and Stan will do him one small favour: kill the Black Lady. Xev goes under the Lustikon's rays, but she's transformed into her original, ugly self and her time is still running out.
  16. The Net (1)
    The universe continues to be consumed by Mantrid's drone arms. Stanley loses his hat, and ignores the Lexx's warnings about danger ahead. The ship violently impacts something: tentacles begin to invade the Lexx. Poor Stanley manages to convey a message to the crew: "cut cord Kai" and, chillingly, "hurry it's killing us." Xev finds Kai imprisoned by a tentacle and sets him free, and for a while it seems all is well again. Things seem so rosy, that Xev even begins to consider Stanley as a possible bed buddy.
  17. The Net (2)
  18. Brigadoom
    The desperate flight of the Lexx is interrupted by the appearance of a floating building. The strains of the Brunnen-G battle cry reach Xev's ears and her curiosity is roused. Xev, Kai and Stan find an empty theatre that springs to life when Stan knocks over a tambourine. The Master of Ceremonies informs them that a performance is about to begin, and since the theatre exists outside of space and time, they will be impervious to the encroaching doom that follows them. Musical drama then unfolds as the story of the Brunnen-G is played out in song: all is revealed in glorious musical fashion.
  19. Brizon
    Faced with increasingly limited options for survival, the crew send out a distress call for help in the fight against Mantrid. At first it seems as if their prayers are answered when they get a response from none other than Brizon, His Shadow's former Supreme bio-vizier and Mantrid's mentor. But Brizon has his own agenda: first and foremost, prolonging his own miserable existence. This he does by gaining control over Kai and attaching himself in a most unpleasant parasitic fashion to Xev. He does, however, have a plan to stop Mantrid ...
  20. End Of The Universe
    Mantrid's drone arms are everywhere, even inside the ship. Lyekka's pod gets damaged by the vicious things, and no place is safe. 790 is hooked up to a captured arm and lo, the robot head-with-an-arm begins to create his own drone army. But it is too little too late. Even Lyekka does her best, but is no match for Mantrid. Finally, the crew manages to trick Mantrid into shifting all his drone arms quadrillions of them towards the ship. The resulting shift in mass and gravitational fields results in a reverse big bang.

Series 3

  1. Fire and Water
    The LEXX crew are awakened after four thousand years of cryo-sleep to find their nonfunctioning ship caught between two planets in a binary orbit. One of the planets, Fire, is entirely desert and the other, Water, is completely covered in water. Stan, Xev and Kai are soon drawn into the never-ending war between the two planets, and Xev falls in love with Prince (Nigel Bennett), the ruler of Fire.
  2. May
    A floating city on the planet Water has been attacked and destroyed by balloons from Fire, its orbit partner. May, the only survivor of the attack, is brought to the LEXX. Stan tends May's wounds and soon falls in love with her. But he cannot stop her slide towards death. However, Prince ruler of the planet Fire offers to cure her if Stanley will assist him, and a fateful deal is struck.
  3. Gametown
    Stan is happy as his beloved May recovers from her wounds. Kai, meanwhile, arrives in Gametown, a floating city on the planet Water, in search of food for the LEXX crew. The buff young folks of Gametown seem to do nothing but play sports and take showers. Stan fails to fulfill his half of his bargain with Prince and loses May. Meanwhile, Fifi, a different sort of Gametown player, steals all the Moths from the Lexx, stranding Kai on the city.
  4. Boomtown
    Kai is stranded on Gametown, but escapes with the help of Bunny (Patricia Zentilli) to Boomtown a place where the girls are gorgeous and the boys are buff and everyone has uncomplicated sex all day long. Kai is soon joined there by Stanley and Xev. Stanley finds everything he's always wanted, and more. But the utopia of Boomtown is destroyed as the city is attacked by forces from the planet Fire, using Moths stolen from the LEXX.
  5. Gondola
    Stan, Xev, Kai and a second living Kai they have picked up find themselves together in a balloon over the planet Fire. Duke (Ralph Brown), one of the rulers of Fire, is also on board, with his sidekick, Fifi. But the balloon drifts over the Red Hot Sea and soon starts to descend. It is clear that not everyone is going to make it unless the lighten the balloon. And that means they have to make the difficult choice of who will go over the side to their death.
  6. K-Town
    Stan and Xev find themselves in deep trouble in K-Town, a weird city on the planet Fire. They are almost rescued by Kai, but he has been damaged and ceases to function properly. Stan and Xev are unable to help Kai until they get some lucky assistance from someone who looks and behaves a lot like Mantrid (Dieter Laser), their former nemesis.
  7. Tunnels
    Xev and Stan lose Kai and wind up on the run in underground tunnels that lead from one city to another on the planet Fire. Unfortunately, the tunnels are populated by dangerous psycho-killers. The situation looks very bad until they are joined by Prince, who offers to help them if only they will help him. Xev rejects his offer, and the situation goes from bad to worse.
  8. The Key
    Stan, Xev and Kai return to their ship, the LEXX. Stan wants to destroy the pair of planets they are orbiting, so that the LEXX can eat the chunks, allowing them to move on. But Xev distracts Stan from this plan with a sudden strong sexual interest in him. Stan fears that it's just a tease, but it is not. She gives him everything he wants but in return she gains control of the "key" to the LEXX.
  9. Garden
    The LEXX crew discover a wonderful city on the planet Water called Garden. It is populated by cute women who pass the day nurturing tasty plants. They grow a special Lyekka plant (Louise Wischerman) for Stan, and he decides that his wandering days are over. Xev is not happy on Garden because it is devoid of men, but Kai finds a purpose. It is therefore agreed that she will go out on her own and that the trio will part ways as friends.
  10. Battle
    The LEXX crew are attacked by balloons from the planet Fire under the command of Prince. Their only Moth is destroyed and Xev is kidnapped. Kai captures a balloon and they then engage in battle with the other balloons. The slow-motion ballet of destruction ends with Xev being stranded on the burning desert surface of Fire and Stan and Kai escaping to the orbiting LEXX.
  11. Girltown
    Stan and Kai search for Xev and find her footsteps crossing the inhospitable surface of the planet Fire. Her tracks lead to Girltown, a city populated by some very peculiar girls. Queen (Ellen Dubin) develops a strong interest in Stanley Tweedle, but his needs and hers turn out to be very different, indeed.
  12. The Beach
    Stan, Xev and Kai meet with disaster when they return to the orbiting LEXX. Stan and Kai plummet down to the surface of the planet Water. Kai sinks deep into the bottomless ocean and Stan is left swimming on the vast and empty surface. Xev searches for them and eventually finds Stan's floating body. But Stan also washes up on a beach, which seems to make no sense as there are no beaches on either of the two planets....
  13. Heaven & Hell
    Kai and Xev fly to Prince's new headquarters on the planet Fire to try to bring back Stan. Prince will not help them, so Kai descends into the core of Fire to find Stan. Prince goes after him and it appears the two will be stuck there forever. Xev returns to the LEXX, where 790 persuades her that the only way to recover Kai is to destroy the two planets. The LEXX destroys them both, unleashing vast and unforeseen consequences.

Series 4

  1. Little Blue Planet
    The hungry Lexx eats a big chunk of a very familiar planet; its inhabitants take action to destroy the alien threat.
  2. Texx Lexx
    Xev pours on the hot sauce at a Texas trailer park; Kai gets involved in a doomsday cult. Stan is taken prisoner by the ATF.
  3. P4X
    Xev is forced to adapt to life in prison, and Prince decides it's time for Stan to give him the key to the Lexx. Meanwhile, a new threat arrives from space - an army of carrot-like mechanical drones that start to devour anybody they come across.
  4. Stan Down
    After being encouraged to stand up to Prince by the First Lady, the President makes a deal with Stan, and frees him from the ATF compound so he can kill Prince with the Lexx. However, it doesn't take long for Prince to figure out what they're up to...
  5. Xevivor
    Prince and 790 lure Stan and Xev back to Earth using the reality show Xevivor, where 10 males compete for a night with Xev, as bait.
  6. The Rock
    Discovering that they're flying right over Newfoundland, Stan decides it's time to pay his subjects a little visit. Unfortunately, none of the inhabitants seem particularly impressed by his presidential decree, and instead focus on his remarkable resemblance to the most hated man in town...
  7. Walpurgis Night
    Going to Transylvania to check up on Kai's lead, they are all invited to dine at Lord Dracul's table for the Walpurgis Night feast.
  8. Vlad
    They're back on the Lexx, but Stanley is under the witches' spell, who want Kai's protoblod for their master.
  9. Fluff Daddy
    Stanly discovers that a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Lyekka is working in the porn industry, and decides to seek her out at the latest shoot. Xev starts acting strangely and having blackouts.
  10. Magic Baby
    Trying to get back on the Lexx, Stan, Xev and Kai run across two druids who recognize them as holy figures. Promising to accompany the druids to a religious ceremony, Stan and the others are transported to the space shuttle. They steal it and find their way back to the Lexx thanks to 790, however unbeknownst to them, Vlad is waiting for them aboard...
  11. A Midsummer's Nightmare
    Kai and Stanley seek out the "Feast of Mograth", hoping to resurrect Xev. There they meet Oberon, king of the faeries, who grants their request... But in return demands their eternal servitude unless they can escape his forest before sunrise.
  12. Bad Carrot
    As the alien carrot probes start to infest more and more of the planet, Prince sees his best option to escape up to the Lexx. Unfortunately, one of the killer vegetables follows him up there...
  13. 769
    In order to get a lead on the whereabouts of the key, Prince goes along with a rather twisted plan cooked up by 790.
  14. Prime Ridge
    Without the key the Lexx can't do anything, so Stan and Xev decide to settle on Earth. They pick the quiet country town of "Prime Ridge", but soon manage to stir up trouble.
  15. Mort
    Wanted for murder, and the whole area swarming with police and FBI, Stan, Xev and Kai seek refuge in "Mort's Funeral Parlor". Mort takes an unusual interest in Kai's protoblood, hoping it can bring back to life his one true love.
  16. Moss
    While the president finds himself haunted by Prince in the form of a TV set, Stan, Xev and Kai are abducted by Field Commander Moss, leader of the American Freedom Rangers, a para-military group devoted to freeing the American people from the grip of the Beast - Izenbar Prince.
  17. Dutch Treat
    As the Lexx's hunger becomes critical, it starts to slowly digest itself. Hoping for an alternative way off the Earth, Xev contacts Doctor Longbore, getting permission to join him on the space ship. This does however leave the Lexx wide open for Prince, who orders the President and Bunny to take a shuttle up there and take control of the ship using the key...
  18. The Game
    About to be destroyed, Prince requests Kai complete their game of chess, but with this time with real stakes. Should the undead assassin win, he'll get his life-essence back. Should he loose, Stan and Xev's lives are forfeit.
  19. Haley's Comet
    The Lexx crew encounter a space capsule filled with a bunch of politically motivated twenty-year-olds (Haley, Amber, Ryan, Josh). They claim that they have gone up in space with the intention of transmitting a message to make a political statement about the dying earth, and globalization. With financing from Haley's trust fund, they were able to pay the Russians to help them get up in space.
  20. Apocalexx Now
    An asteroid mothership appears out of the blackness of space. A metal hatch opens and a tadpole-like creature shoots out and heads for the Lexx.
  21. Viva Lexx Vegas
    Kai, Xev and Stan stop off in Las Vegas as they wait for a space shuttle that Priest is arranging for them. Without a moth, the shuttle is their only means of returning to the Lexx. They check in at the King Tut, an Egyptian-themed hotel that is run by a group of mobsters. In the hotel room, Stan sees an ad for Slave Girls from the 18th Dynasty on the television and decides to order "room service" for himself. Xev discovers a female wrestling cage match is taking place on the premises and decides to enter, not realizing that it is fixed so that the casino can extort money.
  22. Trip
    As the Lexx flies away from Earth toward a new planet, the crew discovers a strange organic bulb on the galley counter. The bulb opens and reveals two round berries and a small potted plant. A holographic image of Lyekka's face appears and informs the crew that this is her thank-you gift for their helping her on Earth. Lyekka tells Kai the potted plant a Yowraa-Taang will open and bloom if he sings to it. Stan and Xev have been given the berries, which Lyekka says are the rarest and most exquisite delicacy in the two universes.
  23. Lyekka Vs. Japan
    A huge alien asteroid mothership plummets to Earth and crashes into the Pacific ocean, causing a great disturbance off the coast of Japan. Inside, Lyekka prepares to devour "Japaneseland."
  24. Yo Way Yo
    Prince appears aboard the Lexx, surprising the crew who believed he was dead. Prince reveals that he has recently become fully aware that he is, in fact, the personification of Death, a familiar face throughout the ages that appears to those who are about to die. He warns them that Earth is in great danger and then disappears.